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Dana White explains how significant winning a belt is for a fighters career

Dana White Khamzat Chimaev

Dana White and Daniel Cormier break down the difference a belt makes to a fighter’s career.

While speaking with Dana White, Daniel Cormier pointed out how important winning the belt was in his career. With most fighters dreaming of reaching that level, Cormier and White explained that the reality is beyond expectations.

Whether it’s the money, the sponsorship opportunities or even the availability of contenders, White emphasised just how much things change for a champ.

“People don’t realise until they get it,” said White.

“The money comes once the belt comes and the belt is the key to open everything. Your entire life changes once you are the UFC heavyweight champion.

“The amount of people coming after you, the amount of doors that it opens for sponsorship and other cool things. People don’t realise, unless you become a world champion, what it’s like.”

While it isn’t possible for every fighter to become the heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier confirmed this and said that it was even a big jump from being the light heavyweight champion.

Getting even bigger

As the organisation gets bigger, so too do the perks associated with being involved. While the champion’s belt means a lot now, its value continues to increase as the company does.

“Every year, we beat the year before since the day we started. It’s pretty crazy and obviously, the massive growth in the last couple of years is because we went through Covid.”

While that statement may seem surprising as Covid would have looked like it hurt live events, the UFC persevered and continued to grow and put on events at a time when not a lot else was happening.

“We brought in a lot of new fans, a lot of new eyeballs that never even tried to watch the UFC before and as we go into different territories now and even just streaming, is going to take this thing to a whole other level over the next five years.”