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Dana White thought Miesha Tate was either ‘crazy’ or ‘hurting for money’ to return to fighting

Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate’s return stunned Dana White.

With a lot of people assuming that the only reason Miesha Tate was returning to MMA was for money, she told ESPN MMA that this wasn’t the case and that the first person she had to prove that to was Dana White.

“The first person I had to prove that to was Dana actually because I think he had the same concerns.

“He was like ‘Are you hurting for money?’ I was like, no I’m really doing well actually but I want to fight and for me, it’s never been about the money.”

With White thinking Tate was either ‘crazy’ or strapped for cash, she claimed it was the former.

“My conversation with Dana started out on Instagram when he was ignoring me when I said that I wanted to come back and fight.

“I don’t think he was taking me serious at all, so finally, I showed up at his office and I said, ‘I want to fight’ he was like, ‘Are you crazy?’ and I’m like, ‘Didn’t we already establish this?’

“He said, ‘I’ll let you know’ and I said, ‘Well, wait a minute. You can’t just leave me hanging, are you leaning towards yes or are you leaning towards no?’ and he’s like ‘I’m leaning towards yes.'”

The money.

While money is always a factor, Tate claims that her driving force is a sense of unfinished business.

“Of course I want to make money, but that’s not my top priority.

“I got a family now to think about, I got two kids to think about, of course I want to stack away some cheques but it’s not my driving motivation.

“My driving motivation is, I remember what it’s like to be the best in the world, I remember what it feels like to be a champion and for the first time, I feel like I want to let go of a lot of dead weight.”

Slow and steady.

One element that proves Tate isn’t just returning for the money is her approach to the return. By not calling out for big money fights, she feels that her approach is more appropriate for her own preferences.

“Everything’s going to go according to what I feel is right. I get to be the boss of my career and I feel like the ball is in my court.

“I feel like it’s the more respectful way to climb the rankings in the division and I feel like it’s a proper progression and I feel like that’s exactly what I want out of my career.

Miesha Tate hopes that her path will lead her to Amanda Nunes and she thinks she can be the one to dethrone the champion.

“I know that sometimes you only get one shot and when I take that shot at Amanda it will be the perfect timing, I’ll have the perfect aim, I’ll be the sniper to take her out but I’m not going to jump the gun.

“I’m going to build my way into it, I’m going to make sure I’m allowing my body the time to evolve, my mind, everything to be in that perfect form so when I get to that title shot, I’ll be ready.”

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