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Where Dana White succeeded in a way that boxing still hasn’t

Dana White boxing

What Chael Sonnen believes to be Dana White’s win over boxing.

While the popularity of the UFC is on the rise with recent logic dictating that it could be above that of boxing, Chael Sonnen has an idea of why this could be.

Chael Sonnen brought the point up while discussing a potential bout between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal and asked an important question of fans.

He said: “What’s the bigger fight guys? You’re the ones that decide. This would be pure anticipation. Ask yourself what you would anticipate more.

“The feeling that you had for Covington vs Usman or the feeling that you’d have if you thought Colby was going to fight Masvidal. I don’t know which is the bigger fight but the mere fact that Colby could come in second and his next fight could be bigger.

“It’s a very important lesson that you learn. No other sport has made it acceptable, particularly in combat, to get beat. The greatest trick Dana White ever did was to make it acceptable to get beat.”

Boxing’s flaw

It’s no secret that boxing records have long been padded, fighters have to have ridiculous records in order to get anywhere.

This means that a lot of boxing fans might never have heard of a fighter that’s 20-0 because he hasn’t even fought on a televised card yet. not only does this force the cycle to continue but it also diminishes the respect for the sport.

Sonnen continued on his point to highlight this.

“Boxing not only hasn’t done that, boxing doesn’t know how. They haven’t even started to. That’s why you can’t get a guy that’s 11-0 to fight another guy that’s 11-0. They’re going to get up to 20, 25, 30 with a big zero.

“They’ll have made no money, they’ll have fought in front of nobody, they’ll have never fought in front of nobody, they’re still fighting at a local bar in front of some bum that needed a few bucks to get in there. It’s faker than hell.

“Those records aren’t respected, those athletes aren’t respected but this is still what they’re going to do but they have to do because the culture of the sport does not make it acceptable to have a loss.”

Dana’s success

Sonnen then brought more context to the matter. After crediting White, he showed a prime example of his point.

“If you are going to study anything on Dana, go back and study how he did that, truly. Go back and study how he did that.

“Acknowledge that the sports three biggest stars, in this order, are Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz and then go and see that they lost their last fight. As a matter of fact, they all lost their last two fights.

“It’s very interesting, I don’t have an overarching sophisticated point here other than that’s something you’re seeing right now and I’m not sure that Colby vs Masvidal who are both coming off losses isn’t an even bigger fight than what we just saw Colby do with Kamaru. I’m not sure it’s not.

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