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How Dan Hardy thinks Miesha Tate could beat Ketlen Vieira

Tate Vieira

Tate vs Vieira

Dan Hardy is convinced that Miesha Tate’s upcoming fight against Ketlen Vieira will be a particularly tough one for the former champ. While Hardy can see the fight going Vieira’s way for a number of reasons, he does see a plan where Tate could win.

“If Miesha’s going to win this fight, it’s because she’s made it into a dog fight. She’s closed her down and she’s holding her up against the fence.

“Kind of like what Kunitskaya did. She’s holding her against the fence, takes her down and holds her down and beats her up and uses good elbows hard and from half guard.

“That’s something that has been effective against Ketlen Vieira in the past.”

While elbows from that position have proven to be an issue for Vieira in the past, she has still been able to do something about them.

“She’s been hit with clean elbows and she’s been hurt and damaged. Cat Zingano was able to land some good shots but she was able to stuff a lot of Cat Zingano’s takedowns.

“Same thing with Sara McMann, she was also able to take her down and submit her so I very much feel like the grappling and wrestling of Ketlen Vieira is going to be a real deciding factor in this fight.”

Avoid stand-up striking

Keeping the fight on her feet is something that Tate should look to avoid as Hardy believes that Vieira will shine.

“If, for example, Ketlen is able to take down the first couple of takedown attempts and then Miesha is forced into a striking exchange. That’s where Vieira can start to really show that height and reach advantage as well as what I perceive to be a speed advantage, making it very difficult for Miesha to close distance.

“I really feel like if Miesha’s going to win this it’s because she’s taking her down, she’s controlled her from top position and then, perhaps, Ketlen Vieira’s scrambling to try to get back to her feet and she gets her back taken.”

Learning from the Holly Holm fight

Hardy drew upon Tate’s fight with Holly Holm to show how tough she can be and how she can persevere when the chips are down.

“You can never count Miesha Tate out. We remember that from the Holly holm fight where she really had a rough couple of rounds in that fight.

“She was backed up in the striking ranges, Holly was able to defend her takedowns. Especially after that scare in the first round that Holly had where Miesha was on her back, nearly finishing that submission.

“Holly Holm then adjusted her whole style to combat that. She lowered her level, she threw less, she overextended herself less and made it very difficult for Miesha state to engage.”

Vieira won’t be as easy to deal with in those situations thanks to a powerful Judo element in her game.

“The point of difference is that Holly Holm goes from striking to takedown defence. Ketlen Vieira goes from striking defence to takedown reversals.

“She’s hip throwing, she’s catching you and tripping you, she uses a lot of similar takedowns to what Miesha uses as well as a healthy dose of Judo on top.”

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