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“I see the same fighter” – Covington doesn’t believe Usman’s progressing

Covington Usman

Colby Covington doesn’t see why people have been praising Kamaru Usman’s skillset, claiming he views Usman as “the same fighter.”

Ahead of his November 6th rematch, Covington recapped his first fight with Usman and believes that their next bout will have a very different outcome.

Colby not only believes that victory will be his this time but also believes Usman and his camp are scared. Covington claims that Usman and his camp have been avoiding the bout up to now.

“It’s been such a journey,” he said. “It wasn’t supposed to happen. They (Usman’s camp) did not want it to happen. They were refusing. They were trying to find every way in the book out of fighting this rematch.

“The only reason they have to take it, is that the UFC gave them no choice. They said, ‘Hey, you fight this fight or we strip you.'”

Lack of progression

When talking about Usman, Covington downplayed the fighters progression since their last fight claiming not to see any advancement in striking techniques.

“I see the same fighter. He comes out with the heavy jab. Has a big right hand. That’s kind of been the story of his career before and that’s what he’s always went to in the past. Yeah, he’s knocking out lightweights, guys that shouldn’t be in there with him.”

Covington wasn’t impressed with how the current champ has been challenging himself in recent times in comparison to his bout against former champ, Tyron Woodley.

“He got two easy paychecks against lightweights that should have never been there. His last fight, he’s beaten a guy in street Judas Masvidal. I was beating that guy decades ago. That’s not an achievement.”

Covington’s inactivity

Beyond Usman, Covington claims that there weren’t any fighters looking to prove themselves against him. He explained that that was why he hasn’t been active.

“No one would fight me,” he said. “Go to Hunter Campbell, go to Dana White, ask them the truth. You know, no one would fight me.

“I was trying to put on the best fights for the UFC. No one wanted to take the bait. Now we are here and we’ll get the best fight in the Welterweight division and it’s going to be a real treat for the fans.”

While Covington believes that he performed well in the first Usman fight, he believes he has reached a new level and will earn the belt.

“November 6th, you will see my full potential.”

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