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Covington continues to label Usman a cheat after second bout

Usman cheat

Colby Covington still believes Kamaru Usman to be a cheat

Despite getting complete respect from Usman, Covington couldn’t reciprocate it. After a hard-fought five rounds, Covington came up short against the Welterweight champion but still claims he won the fight and that Usman also cheated.

“I can’t respect a guy like that, I mean, go look on Youtube. The guy dissected everything that he cheats on and everything. You see that injection marks all over his stomach.

“The guy’s not a clean fighter, I’m a clean fighter. I’m raw American steel and twisted sex appeal.”

Covington claimed that Usman hit him with illegal strikes and held his gloves against the cage.

“He’s a cheating coward, you know I have no respect for that guy… he’s cheated in multiple fights, I mean he was holding my glove tonight against the cage.

“In the first round, I shot a takedown and he went bam, bam, twice to the back of the head.”

The ref.

Covington respected Dan Miragliotta as a referee but believed he had warned him not to let Covington hit him with the illegal elbow.

I think Dan Miragliotta is top three best refs in the game but I told him before the fight, I warned him, ‘hey, don’t let this guy hit me in the back of the head’ and he did right away.

“I mean if you go back and look at the footage he clearly hit the back of the head. When you hit someone in the back of the head, man it definitely dazes you real quick.

“That caught me off guard and you know, just more tactics of him cheating, you’ll never see me cheat or try and cheat so it’s just got an unfair shake again but I still think I got the job done.”

Miragliotta could be seen after the fight to break the two up as they spoke after the fight and Covington could be heard saying, “the money bro, it’s all love.” Miragliotta separated the two saying, “Alright go kiss later, go back to your corners.

Usman’s respect.

Despite his opponent’s ‘cheat’ accusations, Usman paid his respects to the quality of fighter that he had faced.

“When you share an octagon with someone this tough, you can’t help it. You know that respect is going to come.

“He hit me with some shots, you know, I could tell him and his coaches over there at MMA masters, they’ve been working on it.

“His technique is down, the power came up a little bit and I could tell they’ve been working on it so I had to show him that respect.”

When asked if Covington had ‘let the character go’ in their post-fight conversation, Covington decided to hold his tongue.

“I’ll leave that between me and him.”

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