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Daniel Cormier compares Colby Covington to Chael Sonnen

Covington Sonnen

Covington and Sonnen

Daniel Cormier drew a parallel between Chael Sonnen and Colby Covington in their recent interview. The new age king of trash talk was always bound to be similar to the UFC’s legendary trash-talker.

Even as far as inflammatory post-fight interviews go, Covington’s ‘filthy animal’ speech even has a Brazilian opponent in common with Sonnen’s infamous, “Anderson Silva you absolutely suck.”

Cormier looked to break the tough guy exterior and find out if there was a more relatable version of Covington as he asked if the facade ever became to much for him

“I know Colby Covington so I watch the stuff and I get it but do you ever get tired. When you’re at home are you just like ‘I’m glad to be out of the public?'”

Covington wouldn’t budge and claimed his persona is the real him and doesn’t wear down saying, “I’m the cardio king for a reason. I go all day and all night. I don’t ever get tired I’m just like the energiser bunny.”

Is Sonnen that similar?

Cormier then made a comparison that wasn’t just a matter of both men being trash talkers, it was about a character choice that he worried could be tiring.

“Reminds me of Chael. Chael always puts it on, Chael’s mispronouncing names. On purpose.

“Chael’s too smart to mispronounce somebody’s name but it’s like, sometimes it gets to be a little heavy and I wonder if at times it gets like that for you?”

Cormier still didn’t get Covington to drop his guard like he may have hoped but did get Covington to say he’s fighting for something. Albeit, with some brand promotion.

“No, because a lot of the stuff I’m doing, there’s purpose behind it. I believe in this brand of Bang energy, you know I’m bringing the bang to NYC.

“I believe in this company of the UFC and all the first responders that keep us free in America. You know, law enforcement, fire department, you know first responders keep us safe. So I fight for those guys and they give me extra energy and fuel.”

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