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“It makes sense on The Ultimate Fighter” – Colby Covington wants to fight Jorge Masvidal on TUF 30 for the BMF belt

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Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal for TUF 30

Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington was living up to his nickname on Submission Radio when he claimed to have leaked information about Jorge Masvidal’s injury and called for him and Masvidal to compete for the BMF belt in The Ultimate Fighter 30.

Injury leak

With Covington’s link to Masvidal, he would have plenty of opportunities to find out information ahead of the public on anything that happens in that camp. He claims to have done just that and says that a member of Masvidal’s team told him about the injury that prevented the bout with Leon Edwards.

“I still have people at his gym that love me and I’m the peoples’ champ for a reason, so I get the insider scoop on everything. That fragile dude ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal, he broke his ribs,” Covington said.

“He fractured his ribs in training and yeah, he’s fragile so he had to pull out of the fight. It’s too bad that people still love me over at his gym more than they even love him.”

Colby claims that the information is accurate and that the injury had Masvidal crying as he went for an x-ray.

“That’s fact, I’m telling you guys the truth. He went to the gym to train, not last Saturday but the Saturday before and he went to spar at the gym, gets his ribs fractured, leaves the gym crying and goes to the doctor to get the x-ray to determine its fractured ribs. He’s a fragile little bitch, he’s a brittle little bitch.

“He tried to talk about me being fragile, that’s the most fragile guy on the fucking roster. That guy is a complete little joke and it’s pretty funny. I think he’s finding out that he’s a nobody, he’s a bum.

“That’s the reason people are telling me what’s going on with him. He tried to keep it a secret. He didn’t want to tell the media, he didn’t want anybody to know. Now they know because of Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington.”

A bout between the two

Covington claims that he is looking for the fight and that it is Masvidal who is the one trying to avoid it.

“He doesn’t want to fight me. He’s going to lose all his street cred one way or another. If he fights me he loses it, if he doesn’t fight me he loses it even worse.

“I know that guy doesn’t want to fight me, he’s trying to duck me at every step so what can I say, what can I do? I just want to put on good performances for the UFC. He’ll be backed into a corner, he’ll need to take this fight.”

The Ultimate Fighter has recently been confirmed for its 30th season and many have been quick to point out that Covington and Masvidal would be a perfect combination of coaches for the show.

“It makes sense on The Ultimate Fighter, let’s revive that show. The show’s been so boring, stale, there’s no entertainment value on that show anymore man, so let’s bring it back. If it doesn’t happen now then, obviously, it’ll never happen.”

Trash talk

Covington decided to ramp up his message for Masvidal and called him out on his tough-guy persona.

“If he’s a man of his word, if he wants the thing that gets him closest to the title, I’m the number one guy. If you want to get back to the title? You really want to fight ‘Marty’ [Usman] again? You’ll fight me, Jorge but you don’t want that.

“You don’t want to fight me so all that talk… all the bullshit, that tough street guy credit, it’s gone. If you don’t fight me, it’s gone man.”

Covington then added another dimension to his plans by picking the venue and the belt that would be on the line.

“Show up or just shut your mouth bitch and let real men fucking work because I’m still going to be here.

“Put that fucking whack ass BMF belt back on the fucking line. Everybody knows who the real, ‘baddest’ motherfucker in this sport is. It’s Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington.

“Bring that fucking belt out and let’s fucking do this shit. Do The Ultimate Fighter or whatever… and run this fight in Miami, it makes sense.”

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