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Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz decide to kick Dustin Poirier while he’s down

Conor McGregor Nate Diaz Dustin Poirier

Nate Diaz decides to insult Dustin Poirier on Twitter before Conor McGregor joins in.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor decided to make their opinions on Dustin Poirier’s performance known after Poirier lost to Charles Oliveira at UFC 269.

In a bid to insult both McGregor and Poirier, Diaz decided to comment that Poirier was awful and that him being awful was a big insult to McGregor as Poirier defeated him.

The Stockton native tweeted: “How Conor let Dp (Dustin Poirier) fuck him up hella times he sucks?”

With Poirier having fought McGregor three times and having had a fight with Diaz fall through, the history between the fighters made it a guarantee that comments would be made.

An unusual response

Instead of throwing back any insults, McGregor decided to pile on the insults for Poirier and even declare his performance embarrassing.

“You lanky string of piss he got lumped around and got lucky twice. That’s it. Is what it is. Embarrassing night for him alright. That closed guard game. Wtf was that. Wow! Shocking. All good happy Sat night horse yupya it’s proper twelve day tomorrow 12/12. New Paddy’s Day!”

Not satisfied with plugging his whiskey, McGregor decided to return to make sure to plug The Black Forge Inn, his restaurant in Dublin.

McGregor may have been eager to add the second message in following Poirier’s mocking comments that claimed McGregor may have been frequenting it a bit too often.

“Hella times ahhahahaa it’s hella times in the black forge inn tomorrow for proper twelve day bro. Full of it. Sauce Money. Power. Runner up champ yous two are, at least yous can say you made championship weight before on the scales at least, that’s something hahaha”

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