Conor McGregor accused of leaving Italian DJ with ‘broken nose’

McGregor Italian

An Italian DJ has accused Conor McGregor of punching him in the face as the two partied in Rome.

Francesco Facchinetti claimed that the assault had taken place at the five-star St Regis Hotel in Rome. The Italian claimed that the alleged assault happened at 2:30am and has decided to press charges.

Facchinetti posted his claims in a video and claimed that the punch had left him with a “busted top and bottom lip” as well as a broken nose.

“He attacked me for no reason seeing as we spoke for more than two hours and we had a good time together,” said Facchinetti.

“Luckily I’m OK but that person is truly a violent and dangerous man.”

Fracchinetti also claimed that he has many witnesses and that since the event occurred in a boardroom, there should be video evidence.

“I have many witnesses who are ready to tell you everything that happened from a to z.”

Fracchinetti’s bigger concern with the alleged event

The Italian DJ also took to Instagram to say, “The thing that pisses me off is that McGregor didn’t throw a punch because he wanted to give it to me, he threw a punch because at that moment he decided he needed to punch someone.”

Facchinetti also claimed that his real worry in the situation was that he believed things could have been worse had it not been him on the receiving end of the punch

“If it was Bella, Ben or my wife in my shoes, it would have killed them.”

Another matter that annoys Facchinetti is that he is receiving a lot of messages that believe him to be at fault.

“Among the many good messages I’m receiving are those, on the other hand, that support the thesis that if someone punches you in the face it’s you, who took the punch, who have to prove you’re not wrong. What an incredible world.”

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