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“I think he’s coming back as a middleweight” – John Kavanagh gives injury update on Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor injury update

John Kavanagh gives Conor McGregor injury update

Following a tough recovery from the leg injury that he sustained fighting Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor seems eager to get back to training, according to coach John Kavanagh’s update.

Kavanagh gave an update on McGregor’s injuries while speaking to Submission Radio. While McGregor’s rehabilitation time has seen him focus a lot on weight lifting, Kavanagh claims that returning to the mats will soon be on the cards.

“I was only speaking to him a couple of hours ago, he’s going to be back in the gym in the next couple of weeks with me,” Kavanagh said.

“He’s doing a lot of strength training at the moment, the guy’s jacked, I think he’s coming back as a middleweight but he’ll be back on the mats with me shortly and we’ll start off with combat sports training. ”

Back to training

Kavanagh also said that McGregor is eager to get back to full-on training but that he couldn’t say when McGregor would be ready to fight again.

“We’ll start with drills. I actually joked with him, I said, ‘I’d rather if we just start off with some techniques, some drills, see how you’re going’ and he’s like ‘No, I’m going to do five by five, that’s what I’m coming back to do.’ I’m like, ‘Oh great, we’re straight into full combat training again.’

“He’s very enthusiastic, very upbeat, very excited to attack 2022 and I’m not sure when he’ll be back but he’ll be back.”

McGregor has recently been calling out numerous fighters and has also been called out by various fighters, so much so that Kavanagh has decided to distance himself from the selection process.

“I don’t really involve myself in that anymore. He’s got a hundred opponents lined up, it would appear.

“Let’s just get back training, let’s test the leg and when the time comes I’m sure he won’t be short of choice.”

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