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“I feel like I won the fight four rounds to one” – Colby Covington claims he won at UFC 268

Colby Covington

Colby Covington refuses to accept defeat.

In an all too familiar situation, Colby Covington seems to be denying that Kamaru Usman has beaten him. Despite the judges saying that he lost to the welterweight champion, Covington said to MMA Fighting on YouTube that he would have judged it differently.

He said: “It’s very bittersweet. Looking back at the fight and seeing the fight again on videotape I mean it’s clear I won three, four, five.

“Those are my rounds. I almost finished him in the fourth round, the end of the round, [if] there’s 20 seconds left, he doesn’t survive.

“The first round was very close too. I thought that, potentially, I could have that round as well. I feel like I won the fight pretty convincingly, four rounds to one. He got a lucky knockdown in the second but it didn’t hurt me at all. I came right out and just destroyed him that round.

Unfinished business

Covington claims that his beef with Usman is far from over and that retiring is the only way to end it.

He continued: “I feel like Marty knows deep down inside that we have unfinished business and this isn’t over yet. The only reason it’s over is if he retires and goes and hides with his child somewhere in the world.

“That’s the only way it’s over. Otherwise, it’s my division. I’m not going anywhere and if you want to be the top of the mountain in this division you’ve got to come through me.”

While the scorecards didn’t reflect it, Covington hopes that the fans will agree with his analysis.

“It didn’t end how I expected it to and how the fans deserved it too but I think in the end, even though the three judges didn’t award me the decision, they awarded him the decision… which is a joke, I should have been winning 4-1 or 3-2.

“I think the fans in the arena and the people around the world know who’s the real champ now.”

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