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“Those people are filthy animals” – Colby Covington hasn’t changed his mind about Brazil

Colby Covington Brazil

Colby Covington in Brazil

Despite almost getting himself killed in Brazil with his comments, Colby Covington hasn’t shied away from commenting about Brazilian fight fans.

After fighting Damian Maia in Brazil and defeating him in front of his home crowd, Colby Covington decided to rub salt in the wounds by calling Brazil a dump and saying, “all you filthy animals suck” to the Brazilian crowd.

Covington has also beaten Rafael Dos Anjos who he may have gotten mixed up with when maintaining his stance on Brazilians as he accused him of juicing for their fight simultaneously.

“After the RDA fight, when I was fighting him in his prime and he was at his absolute best, he was on the ‘Brazilian vitamins’, he was juiced up, hungry to defend his country Brazil because, you know, those people are filthy animals.

“I called that place a dump because it was a dump. I didn’t enjoy my experience there. They yelled mean things at me, said I was going to die.”


Dos Anjos wasn’t the only one that Covington had cheating allegations for in his interview. His cheating allegations also extended to Kamaru Usman.

“There’s so much animosity and there’s such a real hatred between me and that guy. I have no respect for him.

“He’s a cheater, he’s cheated in both fights I’ve fought him at, he cheats outside the fights doing steroids, getting his brother who’s a doctor giving him performance-enhancing drugs.”

While there is no proof of Kamaru Usman having cheated, Covington believes this is just because he is ahead of the testing capabilities.

“He’s just ahead of the curve. There was a time when Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds were ahead of the curve and it’s just what it is.

“People find ways to beat the test but I’ve never cut corners. I’ve never cheated in my life and I’ve got unfinished business.”

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