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“The story that won’t go away” – Chael Sonnen isn’t excited for Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal

Colby Masvidal

Chael Sonnen has referred to Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal as “The story that won’t go away”

Considering the magnitude of a fight like Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal, you’d think Chael Sonnen would be satisfied that it meets his criteria.

With a real rivalry story, top-ranked entertaining fighters and plenty of ways to promote the fight, the option should seem like a fight of the year candidate before a punch has even been thrown.

Even at that, Sonnen said, “I’m not excited for it, I’m not into it and I’m pretending to be.

“I’ve pretended for two years now. The gig is up, I’m not into Masvidal vs Colby.”

Sonnen acknowledged why everything about the fight should be appealing and even gave his first-hand experience in defence of it.

“The story has everything, it is amongst the best stories in all of combat right now because it is a true personal grudge.

“The first time I ever saw Colby Covington at a UFC was behind the curtain at a weigh-in when he was with Jorge Masvidal. Jorge was in the chair, hurt because he was cutting weight.

“I think Jorge was going down to 55 and Colby was behind him rubbing his shoulders, ‘hey man, it’s going to be ok, we’re going to get through this.’

Sonnen knows more about the grudge than the average fan but maintains his stance.

“They stayed together, they ate together, they trained together. These guys were real friends and now it’s to the point that they do not speak unless it’s through a third party to bury one another.

“Colby has been thrown out of the gym because of this rivalry that he got going with Jorge that spilled over to other people.”

The reasoning

Sonnen then gave his reasons for being opposed to the fight even though he knew what could make it massive.

“It’s not like I don’t like the match. There was even talk of them doing The Ultimate Fighter.

“If they had the marketing mechanism of The Ultimate Fighter I don’t doubt that this would be massive.

“I don’t doubt anything about the story or the business of the fight.

“It’s just when I look at the match I could find things I’d rather see Colby go do and I could find things I’d rather see Masvidal go do but I’m half pissed off at Masvidal and I have been for a period of time.”

Sonnen’s reasoning for being anti-Masvidal at the moment is surprising but he claims it’s because he isn’t realising his potential as a big draw in the sport.

Masvidal Covington

“Masvidal is so out of touch with where he is in the sport and I can say it until I’m blue in the face. Masvidal is the second biggest draw in combat, he is only behind Conor McGregor.

“At some point, someone’s got to slap him and say, ‘Jorge, you’re in a very unique spot.'”

“He keeps putting himself in the hardest possible position. I mean Kamaru Usman and then he wants Kamaru Usman again.

“Good for Jorge, the respect, the whole thing… I’m just suggesting there’s other things to do (That aren’t as tough).”

Whether or not Sonnen’s feelings about Masvidal or his feelings about the fight are true, the process does need to be sped up, if it’s to happen, before others follow Sonnen’s train of thought.

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