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Ciryl Gane wants Jon Jones after Francis Ngannou

Ciryl Gane Jon Jones

Ciryl Gane reveals he wants Jon Jones in his next fight if he beats Francis Ngannou.

While there is a pretty big obstacle standing in his way, Ciryl Gane admits that if he can beat Francis Ngannou, Jon Jones is the fight to make.

“This will be a pleasure if I win against Francis, yes, I want to fight against Jon Jones,” said Gane at the UFC 270 media day.

“This is the next one. A lot of people talk about that already because we are maybe the more well-rounded guys in this division and a lot of people talk about a technical fight. It will probably be a good matchup. Yes, if it’s possible, we’re going to do this.”

There is a heavyweight title fight to be decided first

Gane isn’t getting ahead of himself, however, and appreciates that there is still a champion in his way first.

“I’m the interim champion, I’m not the champion. I’m not the best guy, I’m not the baddest guy in the world. Today it’s Francis. If I want to be this guy, I must beat Francis.”

While the fight tends to get oversimplified as power versus technique, Gane believes that the reality is that each fighter has both in abundance.

“This is not just only the power against the technique. It’s not only the power he has. He has a fight IQ also.

“He is technical. I am more technical than him and I have power, also. This is not exactly the power against the technique but we will see.”

Ciryl Gane Francis Ngannou video

With a tradition of UFC strikers being kickboxers, Gane was also asked about how his muay Thai measures up against the styles of Alistair Overeem and Jairzinho Rosenstruik.

“I think I’m the new version, this is a new era… I think we understand something more and that’s why it’s going to be different.

“This is not a disrespect for Overeem or Jairzinho, these are excellent fighters too, but this is really different.”

Ngannou vs Gane are set to fight on Saturday night with the main card beginning at 3 am, so expect the main event around 5 am Irish time.

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