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Ciryl Gane believes Francis Ngannou was in the wrong in infamous video

Ciryl Gane Francis Ngannou video

Ciryl Gane believes there was more to the Francis Ngannou snub video than meets the eye

Following the infamous video of Francis Ngannou snubbing former training partner Ciryl Gane, and former coach, Fernand Lopez, Gane has revealed how he really feels about the incident.

While Gane understood that Ngannou may have been confused about how to handle the situation, he thinks Ngannou definitely ended up going the wrong way about it.

“I think he was a little bit confused at this moment. I just see in a story that he’s just out of bed,” said Gane to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“Yes, I think he was a little bit confused so he didn’t know what he must do at this moment.

“He preferred to do nothing. It just crossed the line like that and I don’t know if he’s OK with this today but for me, it was wrong.”

Why it was wrong

Helwani was curious if Gane viewed the wrong to have been on Ngannou’s part or his own and also asked why Gane didn’t greet him.

“It was just for Fernand Lopez (that Ngannou should have said hi).”

While the issue was predominantly a case of him feeling that Ngannou should have said hi to Lopez, he believed that a fellow training partner’s victory should have been cause for a congratulations.

“For me it was a little bit shame because you have your future opponent, you have your former sparring partner and also Nasourdin Imavov.

Francis Ngannou

“He did a lot of sparring for Francis Ngannou, maybe the biggest sparring he had in his career so that’s why it was a bit of a shame.

“He had just won his fight in Madison Square Garden, just jumped in the top 15, so that’s why it was a little bit of a shame. That’s why it was wrong for me.”

Helwani also wondered if Ngannou would have said hello had Lopez not been there but he found it hard to judge, saying, “Maybe, yeah… I’m not sure, I don’t know”

The Recreation

One more positive aspect of the situation was that Gane was comfortable joking about it and even recreated the moment.

“It was just before playing soccer and we were on the entrance waiting.

“The guy comes up to me to take a picture with me and I say yes. The other guys comes and says, ‘oh guys, wait. I’m going to do something… the remake.’

“I said yeah, you can do it. No worries.”

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