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Chuck Liddell issues statement on domestic violence arrest

Chuck Liddell Victim Domestic Abuse

Chuck Liddell claims he was the victim of domestic violence.

Following an altercation in his Los Angeles home yesterday, Chuck Liddell has claimed that he was in fact the victim of domestic violence.

Chuck Liddell took to Instagram to clarify the situation and explained that he decided to go to jail in place of his wife despite not responding to her assault.

Liddell posted, “I was the victim of the incident last night at our family home, as details of the case will reveal. The deputies informed me that my wife would be arrested, as I did not respond to her assault while I sustained bruising and lacerations. I volunteered to go in her place.”

It had also previously been reported that Liddell’s wife, Heidi Northcott, had not been in need of medical attention when police arrived at the scene.

Liddell has been protecting his family from mental health scrutiny

Following on from this, Liddell also said that this wasn’t the first time that he’s tried to shield a family member’s personal issues from the public, further stating that this situation can not continue.

“This was one of the many times I have tried to shield a family mental health issue from the public purview. It has become painfully apparent that this cannot continue, as our private life has now reached a public breaking point.”

Finally, Liddell stated that he would seek privacy in any further matters regarding the situation. “Please respect our privacy as I help to navigate our family through this difficult time.”

The statement follows a barrage of online commentary around the UFC Hall of Famer, with many comparing the situation to that of Jon Jones and some claiming it was becoming a pattern in combat sports.

Liddell has since been released on a $20,000 bond according to The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department records.

Liddell has a court hearing scheduled for Wednesday in Van Nuys, California.

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