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“I guarantee you will never cheer against her again” – Chael Sonnen’s defense of Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison

Chael Sonnen’s high praise for Kayla Harrison

Chael Sonnen feels that MMA fans have missed out on hearing Kayla Harrison’s story, and he also  believes that, if people hear her story it will become impossible for them to root against her.

“You guys missed it and if I was to tell you guys what Kayla had revealed openly I guarantee you will never cheer against her again,” he admitted.

“Even if it was some fight where you couldn’t cheer for her, I will guarantee, literal statement, that you will not cheer against her. She has one of the toughest stories.

“She has one of the great stories of perseverance ever but she only told it this one time.

Sonnen believes that Harrison needs to continue to tell her story for the MMA community especially as she seems to be playing with fire at the moment.

“I feel as if you don’t know it, so I am very quick to defend Kayla. I’m also an observer of what she’s doing and I’m confused.

“I want to see how this is going to play out. I predict it plays out very well for her but it doesn’t change me being very confused.

“I know you guys would love her but she needs to come out and tell her story to the MMA community. She’s made it public, I’m leaving it at that.”

Playing with fire

One area in which Sonnen is concerned for Harrison is the way she’s been talking to different promotions. Especially when talking about money, Sonnen highlighted the reasons to avoid having it as a priority when looking to promoters.

“If you want to go with Croker or you want to go with White and you sit down purely because of the paycheck, you’re a whore and you’re not doing it right.

“That’s ok to be a whore. I won’t be mad at you. I would just encourage you that you don’t choose your promoter based on commas and zeros.

“You choose your promoter based on storyline, platform and ideas. If you think they can give you exposure and move you to the top of the building faster, to hell with the zeros. They will come.”

Sonnen also claimed that the greats are never free agents. He especially finds it risky when it comes after Harrison speaking at Bellator.

“If you’re a free agent, why? Why are you not signed? It’s a very risky game because if you’re my champion and you’ve got my belt and I turn on the network and I see you in the audience talking about someone else, you and I are no longer in business.

“If you don’t have loyalty in this space, you don’t have a seat in this space.”

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