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Chael Sonnen thinks he’s solved the MMA wrestling conundrum

Chael Sonnen wrestling

Chael Sonnen claims to know the secret to fighters like Khamzat Chimaev and Islam Makhachev’s success and believes it to be a very simple wrestling philosophy.

Chael Sonnen isn’t happy with the hype surrounding Khamzat Chimaev and took to his Youtube channel to break down why wrestlers like himself, Islam Makhachev and Khabib Nurmagomedov have seen such dominance with their wrestling skills.

Sonnen believes that there is nothing too special about the kind of wrestling that fighters like Chimaev are doing but thinks that a fighter like Li Jingliang won’t be the one to put a stop to them.

“You think ‘the leech’ was the ticket into the big time. Think the leech was the household name. The beautiful ranking, the marquee guy, the money fight. He was none of those things.

“I’m not putting the leech down. It could be anybody. You walk out in front of eyeballs you put on a good performance, you grab a microphone, you put an exclamation point on it and you go to the back. It’s a platform.”

More importantly for Chimaev, Sonnen doesn’t believe a fight like this will prove how good of a fighter Chimaev really is.

“It doesn’t matter who you beat, you could beat the number one guy. If it’s a snoozefest of a fight it’s not going to give you a bounce

“If it’s a very exciting fight you’re going to get that bounce and Chimaev is intimidating right now. He’s intimidating because of his attitude. There’s nothing within his skills we haven’t seen.”

Sonnen’s wrestling breakdown

Sonnen pondered the question of why everyone doesn’t mimic this seemingly unstoppable tactic.

“They say go, you come across a ring, you drop down and grab a couple of guys legs. So what? What’s the big deal with that right? How come everybody doesn’t do that by the way?

“Have we seen a more effective double leg outside of the king, George Saint-Pierre? Have we? Why is Chimaev’s double working so well? He wasn’t a national champion, he wasn’t a world and Olympic candidate. Why is he doing that so well?

The reason that wrestlers fall short after entering the UFC seems to be an urge to round out their game, according to Sonnen. What he believes they should do is to maintain focus on their wrestling so they can continue to master ‘the reshot.’

“It’s something called the reshot. You’ll see a number of great wrestlers come over to MMA and over a period of time, not only are they not good at wrestling, they can’t outwrestle their opponent who wasn’t a great wrestler.

“They fall in love with the concept of the idea that I must learn everything. ‘I must learn to box and to kick and use my knees and my elbows.’

“They get away from what they’re good at… If you can’t go shot into a reshot, you can’t do MMA wrestling. Everybody can stop the first attempt.

“The first attempt sets up the second attempt. The second attempt gets you close so you can finish on the third but it’s called chain wrestling.”

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