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Chael Sonnen claims fighters are better off going up in weight classes

Chael Sonnen labels the idea that dropped weight classes lead to easier fights as an ‘absolute misconception’

Chael Sonnen disagrees with the widespread belief that lower weight classes lead to easier fights.

One reason why this conversation came up is because of what lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira, said in a recent interview.

“If he had the chance to go straight in for a championship, he would leave 155 and go down to 145,” said Sonnen on his YouTube channel.

Charles Oliveira

“He then said, ‘As a matter of fact, if I was guaranteed a championship opportunity I would even go up to 170. I believe going down to 145 is more viable than going up to 170.”

Sonnen respected the goal of achieving as many titles as possible, but thought that it might not be best for Oliveira.

“I cannot begrudge him in the least. Anybody that’s competitive and wants as much hardware and as much accomplishments as they could possibly get in the time that they cang get, I fully respect that, I love it.

“It surprised me because 145 is a tough cut for him, 145 was always a tough cut and once you leave something, to ever return it’s very difficult.”

The ‘misconception’

Sonnen was firmly against the idea that dropping weight classes helps fighters.

While Sonnen might be leaving out the reality that many fighters who talk about dropping a division tend to do so because of losses where they are, the trend could be in his favour.

“That phenomenon will never seem to go away. the phenomenon that if I can do good at 170, I can do better at 155, that means I need to be at 145. That mentality never goes away.

“We see history prove it false every single time it gets tested. It has never passed the test.”

Chael Sonnen battery

While this point can be debated when looking at the form of certain fighters like Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar after drops, Sonnen couldn’t resist adding a bit of colour to his theory.

“It is a misconception that all started on a playground where some guys kid got his ass kicked and when he had to go to work the next day to explain to his buddies why junior came in second, he could say, ‘Well, the kid was bigger.’

“I’m just speaking to an absolute misconception.”

Another highly debatable point of Sonnen’s that does stand true at the moment is that of Amanda Nunes recent loss.

“When I tell you that bigger is easier, it’s for sure. Amanda Nunes is still the champion of the world but she’s the champion of the higher weight class, not the lower one.

“If she was ever going to lose one it was going to be the lower one because it’s tougher.”

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