Chael Sonnen slams ‘stupid’ Paddy Pimblett amidst slander claims

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Chael Sonnen wasn’t impressed with Paddy Pimblett’s recent comments and repeatedly called him stupid in his latest video.

While speaking to Michael Bisping, Paddy Pimblett claimed that Chael Sonnen was spreading untrue rumours about him.

“(The rumour is) going around everywhere but there’s no truth to it,” said Pimblett on Bisping’s podcast.

“Do you really think that the UFC are going to put me on a card on the fifth of March in Vegas when they’re doing London on the 19th. It doesn’t make sense.

“I think that was just Chael having a little go for some click bait or something.”

Sonnen definitely wasn’t impressed with Pimblett’s comments and especially wasn’t happy about being accused of using clickbait.

“Is Paddy secretly one stupid son of a bitch? Do I just not know that or is he just having a little bit of fun with me?” said Sonnen on his own Youtube channel.

“Paddy, ‘The Baddy’, woke up, took a handful of stupid pills and goes on the Michael Bisping show. On Michael’s show, Paddy accuses me of using his name for clickbait.”


The clickbait allegation seemed to particularly annoy Sonnen as he admitted it was ‘a trigger word.’

“That might sound simple and maybe Paddy meant it as simple but that’s a trigger word.

“Clickbait is what is done by some scumbag whose content and ideas are not good enough to stand on their own so they use something called a thumbnail where you roughly have seven words to surmise for the audience what is going to be in the content of the message, should they choose to click.

“I don’t do it, I would never do it.”

While Sonnen’s definition of clickbait may not be dictionary quality, it wasn’t the only element of the accusation that bothered him.

“I’m also a little bit irritated that Paddy thinks his name is big enough that Chael Sonnen would have to click bait him.

“I mean the shoe’s on the other foot and it’s a little bit weird.

“That might sound arrogant but that’s the truth and it pissed me off.”

Chael Sonnen’s version of the story

Sonnen didn’t understand Pimblett’s attitude towards him as he explained the story from his perspective also citing a very important source to clear his name of the accusation.

“I did a piece, three weeks ago, I was sitting with ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. Cowboy asked me what weight Paddy ‘The Baddy’ is, I had beautiful things to say about Paddy.

“I said, ‘Man, this guy’s popular, I was in New York when Paddy came in the building and the whole arena cheered for him… and Cowboy, if you wanted to do that fight I think you could get it.’

“Bringing in an old veteran with the respect of Cowboy against the new shiny trinket, I mean, that day-old story in this sport.”

Sonnen claims Cerrone was even texting UFC matchmaker, Sean Shelby at the time of their discussion.

“As I’m having this conversation with Cowboy, he’s texting Sean Shelby, saying, ‘Does Paddy, ‘The Baddy’ have an opponent for the England show in March. If not, I know a guy.’

“So I say to Cowboy, can I talk about that… Cowboy said, ‘Of course.’

“The story, the way that it’s told right now, and the story, the way that I told it the first time, is the exact same story, which is what happened, and I got a good source because I’m sitting with Cowboy.”

The situation has obviously frustrated Sonnen as he doesn’t seem to maintain his positive view on the Liverpool fighter.

“I’ll never say your goddamn name again, let’s see how much you like that. Would that be more helpful you idiot?

“I thought you were an intelligent guy, now I just think you’re a fool.”

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