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Chael Sonnen on why Sean Brady might not have been ready for awkward Daniel Cormier interview

Sonnen Brady

Chael Sonnen on Sean Brady’s big mistake

Chael Sonnen seemed surprised by Sean Brady’s decision not to call a fighter out after his win over Michael Chiesa. Daniel Cormier offered Brady multiple opportunities to call someone out, in an awkward post-fight interview, but Brady’s response was the wrong one in Sonnen’s eyes.

“Sean did a great job, he’s the star of the weekend for me, Daniel Cormier interviews him, Daniel Cormier asks him not once, not twice but three times for a name and Sean says nothing.

“Sean says everything in the world except for a name. ‘I want a top-ten guy, I want a top-five guy, I want a ranked guy.’ He says everything in the world except for a guy, why?”

Despite his confusion, Sonnen threw out the possibility that Brady didn’t expect to win as a reason for this as he believes that Brady should have been prepared for every possible scenario otherwise.

“Now, this isn’t us kicking Sean. Let’s be real matter of fact here. Let’s be real intellectual about this and try to deduce why he wouldn’t do that. My hypothesis, he didn’t think he was going to win.

I am out in left field wearing a catchers mitt. I have no evidence of what I’m saying and I’m not faulting Sean even if he was questioning himself going into that match but before you go into a match, you are going to play out every possible scenario.”

Playing out scenarios

Sonnen believes that there are many scenarios a fighter will throw out, so when a fighter actually wins they should at least have a name in mind.

“There’s big deals that happen that fighters will think about that fans will never see, such as I’m in the back, warming up, the fight before me goes the distance or I’m in the back, the fight before me finishes in five seconds. You’ve got to be ready to make that walk.

“It doesn’t happen the night at the arena, you think about this before. You’re in the hotel room the night before, you can barely sleep, you’re playing every possible scenario through. ‘He shuts my eye, I’ve only got one eye, I’m down one round, I gotta win the next two.’ You’re playing every possible scenario through.

“He gets like a deer in the headlights when they’re asking him who he wants to fight next and he’s getting real close to giving the correct answers, as he sees it. Nobody knows when anybody’s right.”

An unknown entity

Sonnen seemed to hint that when looking at Brady, an up-and-coming star with an impressive record, he should know who he is. This seems to be a case of Sonnen suggesting Brady improves his strategic callouts.

“Sean Brady is now 15-0. I didn’t know he existed. I’m not looking to be a dick. This guy is a total stud and it’s my job to know. That’s not a knock on Sean, that’s a knock on me but it’s true nonetheless.

“I didn’t know a Sean Brady was within the UFC, I didn’t know a Sean Brady was the DraftKings favourite over a stud like Chiesa, I didn’t know Sean Brady was so super strong that it debilitated Michael. In all fairness, I don’t know who’s ranked in the top ten or the top five. ”

This is where Sonnen really gets to the point of his argument as he breaks down the issue with saying ‘a ranked guy’ as opposed to naming one of their names.

“That’s where it is such a miss when fighters say that. That’s why it’s such a mistake to call out a top ten guy. Nobody knows what in the hell that means. Name names.

“Sean agrees with me. Sean sees it Chaels way because Sean after thinking about it went on social media in the form of Twitter to call out Khamzat Chimaev.”