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Chael Sonnen names “the only true grudge match” that’s possible for the UFC

Chael Sonnen grudge match

Chael Sonnen names the UFC’s biggest possible grudge match

Chael Sonnen claims that there is nothing bigger in MMA than a grudge match. With Conor McGregor out for the foreseeable future, the UFC have only one option when it comes to sorting out one of these mega fights.

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal seem to be the only two fighters with a strong enough backstory and good enough rankings to be described as a top-quality grudge match. Chael Sonnen took to his Youtube channel to describe what could be the biggest draw in the UFC while McGregor is out.

“Nothing is bigger in the sport than a grudge match, nothing. Not a main event which you see every single Saturday, not a title fight which you see every thirty days, nothing trumps a grudge match.

“We’re going to have to wait for this Conor and Poirier business and see if Conor can still even keep that hot. It feels like it’s settled but he’s very good with marketing… it’s going to need some work. ”

While potential McGregor bouts aren’t feasible, Sonnen thinks the potential grudge match could give Masvidal a chance to come forward and defend himself on the old talking points from when he and Covington used to spar together.

“This one’s real and this one’s right in front of us. I do think it would behove Jorge Masvidal to come out and tell the story a little bit clearer, the way I just told it which is ‘First off Mr Chaos (Covington), I wasn’t punching you as hard as I could because I’m a trustable workout partner and second, I was a lightweight. I’m not a lightweight anymore.’ They’re very relevant two pieces to the story.”

A familiar situation.

Sonnen also believes that this situation links back to the situation that Urijah Faber and TJ Dillashaw found themselves in.

“Those guys may think that they know each other. They don’t and there’s some guys that come away with a very different interpretation and opinion. If this sport ends and TJ Dillashaw and Urijah Faber don’t fight, we, the community, have messed up.”

“They’re relevant to this because those guys worked out together every single day. They know, at least between them, who’s where and they had a select group of people, none of which are talking, that watched them spar every single day.

“Everybody may have an opinion on who’s where but Urijah didn’t flinch to do the match and neither did TJ. So, they either have a different interpretation of what happened or they don’t care and that could be what’s going on here with Colby and Jorge but I think that’s fascinating.”

Respect for Masvidal.

While Masvidal’s opportunity to come forward and give his side is an interesting prospect that would work particularly well if he and Covington were to do The Ultimate Fighter together, Sonnen also has a lot of respect for the way that Masvidal goes about his business and doesn’t whine.

“If I ask you what happened to Jorge Masvidal, the mere fact that you can’t speaks volumes about Jorge as a person.

“Jorge only has two choices, does he want to document and show everybody what his injury report is. Does he want to lay on a gurney like Oscar De La Hoya to show everybody that he’s hurt or does he want to keep his mouth shut and be a man about it?

“That’s what Jorge chose to do. It was the right way to do it and you don’t generally see a man in these situations.”

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