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Chael Sonnen doesn’t find Khamzat Chimaev’s bizarre call-out strategy that bizarre


Khamzat Chimaev’s bizarre call-outs

Khamzat Chimaev seemed to make a series of odd call-outs when he decided to go after Colby Covington, George Saint-Pierre and, most bizarrely, Daniel Cormier. Chael Sonnen, however, saw a lot of logic in this and decided to break each one down.

On his YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen broke down each situation in detail besides Saint-Pierre’s which he just saw as smart.

“Chimaev went to Twitter and Chimaev, I mean he was throwing things in all sorts of directions. He told Colby Covington, ‘Call the police, I’m coming for ya’, he went after George Saint-Pierre in a current vs yesteryear type theme match, he went after Daniel Cormier for a straight-up freestyle wrestling match.

“Everybody’s got to associate their name with George Saint-Pierre, that’s just a good smart thing to do. Great. Set that aside.”

Colby Covington

Firstly, Sonnen broke down the Covington call-out and thought that the issue here could be the short attention span of both fighters.

“He went after Colby. One problem that Chimaev has – and I don’t know if I’m completely comfortable saying ‘problem’, because he does everything right – is that he is so eager and open to anybody that he spreads it around really fast.

“Right now, for example, he’s got his sights on Colby Covington which Colby set on Chimaev three days ago on submission radio. Colby has the same problem, it’s hard to keep his interest, he will change it fast. Colby’s saying Chimaev and Chimaev’s saying Colby. That could turn into something. Right now, it’s not. That needs some massaging.

“I think he’s got everything right, right now. I don’t know if he can keep up Colby’s interest, I don’t know that Colby can keep his… Colby has a lot more to offer than Chimaev does.”

Daniel Cormier

As bizarre as it may seem for Chimaev to call out Daniel Cormier, Sonnen believes that he did it in the right way.

“Then Chimaev called out the bear. Called out Daniel Cormier in a wrestling match. Now there’s only one way you can really call out Daniel.

“You can’t call out Daniel, who everybody loves, who’s covered in gold in divisions much higher than you have or ever will compete in and who, by the way, is retired, without looking like a jerk.

“You’re going to look like a jerk unless you take the punches away. It’s very interesting that Chimaev called out Daniel Cormier for a wrestling match. Now, Daniel responded which is also what helped to add to this.”

Cormier’s response means more than meets the eye according to Sonnen, and the disrespectful nature of the comment helps Chimaev even more.

“Nothing helps you more than when somebody, particularly in a seat up as high as Daniel’s responds and Daniel did and Daniel said, now, I’m changing it, this is not a quote, he said ‘Khamzat, I love and appreciate the attitude but freestyle wrestling, that’s… we’ll call it, mercy rule.

“The mercy rule in wrestling is if you get 10 points ahead of your opponent. When Daniel says I will beat you 10-0, I just want you guys to understand, that was not nice by Daniel. ‘

“That was aggressive. He did not just tell him, ‘I’d beat him’, Daniel is saying I will beat you so bad we will invoke the mercy rule of our sport.”

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