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Chael Sonnen break downs Conor McGregor cheating allegations

Joe Rogan Conor McGregor cheating

Chael Sonnen questions whether or not Conor McGregor is guilty of cheating.

Conor McGregor has been put under the microscope by quite a lot of fans and fighters alike for numerous reasons but with his level of fame comes the reality that people will be attempting to find issues with his game, particularly when it comes to cheating.

Like most fighters, McGregor has broken rules on numerous occasions but not to any large degree of viciousness. Many of McGregor’s issues have come in the form of holding an opposing fighter by the gloves or using the cage while in the bottom position on the ground, two minor rule breaks but rule breaks nonetheless.

When it comes down to these actions defining him as a fighter, however, Chael Sonnen doesn’t believe that McGregor should get a reputation for being a dirty fighter.

Chael Sonnen battery

“You can make a mistake, you can do an accident,” said Sonnen on his Youtube.

“I only share that with you because I don’t know what’s in Conor’s mind.

“I’ve seen him hold the glove, I’ve seen the toes in the cage. It comes down to intent. Breaking a rule and intending ahead of time to break the rule and get away with it is what we would associate with cheating as opposed to a foul.”

McGregor a dirty fighter?

McGregor won’t go down in Sonnen’s books as a dirty fighter but a big part of that comes down to how severe some rule breaks can actually be.

“There’s a lot of rules out there but there’s really only three big ones. You don’t hit him below (the belt), you don’t bite him, you don’t poke him in the eyes. Basically, as long as you follow that, no fighters will think that you’re dirty.

“We’re not going to call it cheating if we’re not viewing clearly, an intent.”

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