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Chael Sonnen believes Cody Garbrandt is the greatest Bantamweight of all time

Cody Garbrandt Bantamweight GOAT

Chael Sonnen has an interesting logic about why Cody Garbrandt could be the greatest Bantamweight of all time.

Considering his recent run of form and his short time spent as the champion of his division, Chael Sonnen’s latest claims that Cody Garbrandt was the best Bantamweight ever may seem ridiculous to many.

While at face value, this appears to be the case, there is a specific logic that Sonnen used to get to this point.

“I believe that Cody’s the best 135 pounder the world’s ever seen. You want to give me a hard time about that, go ahead,” said Sonnen.

“I believe the Cody Garbrandt that beat Dominick Cruz can beat any man that can tip the scale at 135 pounds… Ever. That’s what I believe”

LAS VEGAS, NV - DECEMBER 30: (L-R) Cody Garbrandt kicks Dominick Cruz in their UFC bantamweight championship bout during the UFC 207 event on December 30, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


While a decline in form may be enough for many to dismiss the claim, Sonnen stands by his point, stating that it doesn’t take away from Garbrandt’s abilities.

“Some Guys’ reign isn’t long. Some guys don’t defend and redefend and keep that thing for five and six and seven times and those and those guys that do… Wow, I think there’s a real adoration for it.

“It doesn’t take away from the guy that did it one time and it doesn’t take away from his abilities and I really believe that Cody Garbrandt that fought Dominick Cruz that night and captured the world championship can beat anyone else we’ve ever seen.”

After likening that viewpoint to that of Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks showcasing the greatest Tyson there ever was, Sonnen revealed why he viewed Garbrandt the same way.

“I’m taking that same concept that is widely accepted and has been accepted for 32 years and I’m applying it to Garbrandt the night that he beat Dominick Cruz. I don’t think anybody could beat that guy.

Why that matters now

Sonnen’s claims on the topic didn’t just come out of thin air. The reason why he believes this is an important concept is down to the fact that Garbrandt has now called out Sean O’Malley.

“The rules are different for Cody Garbrandt, as I see them. When you become a world champion the rules are now changed.

“For example, Cody Garbrandt lost a couple of his last matches, Cody Garbrandt lost his very last match, Cody Garbrandt did that down a weight class from the one that he’s discussing on the same night that Sean O’Malley won again.”

If it were any other fight with those kinds of factors, Sonnen wouldn’t waste his time considering it but he thinks Garbrandt is deserving of more than most.

“There’s no world where this fight makes any sense, there’s no world where you could even get off the ground with this idea… I just don’t think we can apply that to Garbrandt. I think he gets exceptions, I really do.

“As a world champion, I think he gets exceptions and you want to know who I think agrees with me? Sean O’Malley.”

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