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Chael Sonnen has misdemeanour charges dropped in Las Vegas battery case

Chael Sonnen Los Vegas hotel incident

Chael Sonnen has all misdemeanour charges dropped against him in Las Vegas battery case.

Chael Sonnen had his misdemeanour battery charges dismissed without prejudice today in Las Vegas Justice Court.

On December 18th, Sonnen appeared to be involved in a brawl with multiple men in a Las Vegas hotel with multiple stories stemming from it, from stories of battery to him defending his wife.

Following the incident, Sonnen had been issued multiple battery citations with Las Vegas Police Public Information Officer, Larry Hadfield, telling MMA Fighting, “Sonnen was issued a battery citation for each individual victim, then escorted off property.

“Due to the fact the misdemeanours were committed outside of a police officer’s presence, an arrest was not conducted.”

While Sonnen has since avoided discussing the incident, he might be more likely to reveal details when the legal issues are completely out of the way.

This might not be for a while, however, as the case can potentially be re-filed at a later date.

As it stands, details of the event in question remain as much of a mystery as ever but comments from Brendan Schaub after the incident seem to be the story that most fans are believing.

The popular story

Schaub claimed that he had talked to Sonnen after the incident and found out that Sonnen had been standing up for his wife.

On Schaub’s podcast, Below the Belt, he said, “Chael was obviously working and he was with his wife.

“Some drunk guy with his girl kept making comments about her tits, her ass right in front of him.

“Well play stupid games, win stupid prizes because you’re disrespecting one of the toughest guys on the planet.”

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