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Chael Sonnen’s strong criticism of Brandon Moreno’s style

Brandon Moreno Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen came out surprisingly hard against Brandon Moreno after UFC 270

Brandon Moreno was beginning to look like a star with Dana White seeming particularly hopeful due to his ability to draw a crowd, but Chael Sonnen seems to have an issue with Moreno.

While it wasn’t his character or ability to draw a crowd that frustrated Sonnen, Moreno’s fight style seemed to be a big concern.

“He’s been a complete dud. There is nothing even good about his fighting style except for his offence. Oh boy, is his offence on point.

“His stance is wrong, his motion is wrong. Do not be an aspiring fighter and go watch Moreno and then go do it.”

Stylistic issues

The level that Moreno keeps his hands at was the top issue for Sonnen as he believed it to be ineffective.

“The son-bitch fights with his hands right here [below his face]. It’s like he’s peaking out from under a blanket just making sure you have all the good stuff to hit.

“Why not just put your hands down. If you’re hands are not in front of your face, why not just put them down.”

While Sonnen was critical of Moreno’s defensive tendancies, he did have some compliments for Moreno even if they did end in a big criticism.

“It’s infuriating to watch but his offence is good, I got to give him that.

“He’s quick, he’s tough as an old leather boot. There’s a lot of compliments I could give him but world champion, come on man, no.”

While Sonnen was aware that he was being harsh about the situation, he couldn’t see what he would have wanted from Moreno next had he won.

“I’m being a dick about it, I get it,” he added. “I’m being a jerk but I would like an answer to the question before you call me a dick…

“What is it you wanted to see him do next?”

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