Chael Sonnen’s first video back after battery allegations focused on Conor McGregor

Chael Sonnen battery

Chael Sonnen remains quiet on battery allegations in video return to Youtube channel

Be it from legal advice or a personal preference, Chael Sonnen has avoided discussing his recent battery allegations in his first video back on Youtube and has instead opted to discuss Conor McGregor’s next potential fight.

On a spectrum of allegations that MMA fighters have been through lately, some discussion about the event would put the situation closer to that of Chuck Liddell’s recent legal trouble than that of Jon Jones.

By that, I meant that if Brendan Schaub is to be believed, then Sonnen is not the one at fault in this situation and then acted in a responsible manner.

“So I think by Chael doing this, it just adds to the legend of Chael Sonnen. He was protecting his girl,” said Schaub on his podcast, Below the Belt.

“For that dumbass who got absolutely annihilated by the great Chael Sonnen, you deserved it, man and that’s what you get.

“This is not a case of Chael hitting his wife like Jon [Jones] did. I think they dropped the charges.

“This is not a case of Chael Sonnen being high and wrecking his Bentley with strippers in the car. This is not the case of Chael domestic violence in any facet. And I think everyone should hold their judgement to get more details.”

Return to Youtube

While saying, ‘his return to youtube’ might make it seem like Sonnen has been gone for a while, Sonnen had only been inactive for a few days, which is only unusual considering the frequency with which Sonnen usually uploads.

Sonnen’s first video back didn’t discuss the details of the recent incident or put to rest the alleged claims. While this decision was probably due to legal advice, Sonnen proceeded by discussing a Conor McGregor return to the octagon.

“There is so much talk about Conor McGregor and who is Conor going to fight in the summer when he returns. First off, how do you know he’s returning in the summer?

“How do you get to the conclusion that Conor is going to be healthy, ready to go apply for a licence and be willing in the summer, just to start with and now you realise, ‘oh well, I don’t know.'”

Sonnen’s take on McGregor’s next bout

Sonnen gave his take on what potential fights could be out there for McGregor in the video but discussed the idea that timing is a primary concern.

Sonnen believes that the reality of the situation is that it’s too early for a McGregor fight to be confirmed but also thinks that another side to the time problem is how long certain fights can be made.

Looking at the possibility of a Nate Diaz trilogy for McGregor, Sonnen discussed how the two wouldn’t be around forever.

“Dana (White) would even talk about that and say, ‘it doesn’t matter what the time is, it doesn’t matter where the tides are going, I can always make that fight. (Diaz vs McGregor)

“He’s right but even Dana has to subscribe to the problems and the theory of time, which could be running out.

“We’re not going to see Conor for the next 10 years, we’re not going to have Nate for the 10 years.”

Regardless of the content of the video, viewers were happy to see Sonnen back with very few discussing McGregor but rather praising Sonnen after the alleged incident.

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