“Francisco Facchinetti, I think you’re full of s**t on that one” – Bisping’s commentary of McGregor allegations

Bisping McGregor

Michael Bisping took to Youtube to share his thoughts on McGregor’s latest assault allegations.

While Bisping’s account may not be the most factually accurate version of the story, a fact he himself admits to, it may be one of the most colourful versions you’ll hear and does raise some interesting points on the McGregor scenario.

Bisping begins by recapping what he has heard of the story, first saying that baptising your child in the Vatican is “pretty gangster, pretty badass.”

While some of his account is accurate, Bisping does make a few mistakes. For example, he says “I don’t know about any of that, all I f***ing know is that later he’s in a nightclub with this guy Francisco Facchinetti… who knows, maybe he’s shit, maybe that’s why Conor (allegedly) punched him in the face.” Beyond the speculation, Facchinetti’s statement differs as he has said that the event occurred in a hotel boardroom, that the Italian had invited McGregor to.

Despite some of the discrepancies, Bisping did give more interesting opinions and details to other matters around the situation.

The injuries

Bisping, who is no stranger to brawl related injuries, wasn’t fully convinced with Facchinetti’s claims about having a broken nose.

“He’s pulling his little lip down, bless him and he’s showing his injuries and I’ll be honest, I couldn’t see anything and he’s also claiming that he’s got a broken nose. Didn’t look like he had a broken nose.

“If you have a broken nose, you have two black eyes that accompany it or it’s bent to the side. You can see it, I mean look at Mike Perry vs Vincente Luque, that’s a f**king broken nose. Francisco Facchinetti, I think you’re full of s**t on that one.”

McGregor’s recent behaviour

While Bisping was sceptical about the degree of damage sustained from the injuries, he understood that from the rest of what he had heard, Conor’s alleged behaviour was also inappropriate to him.

“He did have cuts and what not and his wife, said also, that apparently, Conor was losing his mind and that Conor’s security and friends… was holding him up against a wall while Conor was trying to get at him.”

This to Bisping served as a reminder of other events

“Conor’s a little reckless these days, isn’t he. Very unpredictable. Just a few weeks ago we saw him at the VMAs and he’s trying to have a go at Machine Gun Kelly… not exactly tough competition. He’s throwing drinks around, waving his cane, scaring everybody and then not so long ago we know about what happened in the bar with the old guy. He didn’t want to drink his whiskey, he punched him.”

“So the reason I’m bringing these up is because we’ve got no reason to disbelieve what this lady and what Francisco Facchinetti is saying because he’s got form, he’s done it before but what is going on? Why is he doing this?”

Bisping admitted to being worried for McGregor and even mentioned that from where he was sitting, anger management could even be a potential route. His main point on the matter was actually towards McGregor’s close circle, with Bisping feeling the former ‘champ champ’ is being allowed to do whatever he wants and that could be to McGregor’s detriment.

“I don’t know, I don’t have a personal relationship with the guy but from the outside… It seems like he needs some people around him to tell him no. He’s being unchallenged, he’s getting away with it.”

Back to Facchinetti

While Bisping was having fun saying Facchinetti’s name repeatedly, he brought his attention back to the Italian DJ, pointing to why he believes money to be the big motivator here. While Facchinetti had claimed that his pursuit of justice was in the interest of stopping McGregor, Bisping took issue with his route to achieve it.

“I do find it a little weird that he’s not talking about the police and he’s going straight to the suing thing. The reality is, Conor does love to talk about his money and how much of it he has… and in this day and age people do sue you, want to take money from you.

“I’ve been a victim of it in the past, not saying Conor’s a victim here, what I’m saying is the guy clearly has one thing on his mind and that’s Conor’s money but listen, the guy assaulted him. You make your bed, you’ve got to lie in it.”

McGregor’s recent ‘opponents’

One big issue that Bisping took with McGregor’s recent ‘opponents’ was the calibre of fight McGregor appeared to be looking for even saying that McGregor’s actions could be taken as that of a bully.

“By the way, the old guy at the bar, Machine Gun Kelly, Francisco Facchinetti. These aren’t tough guys, are they?

“I’m not trying to sound tough myself but he’s not starting on me.

“Francisco Facchinetti looks like he couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag. Machine Gun Kelly looks like the biggest bloody wimp you’ve seen in your life and the old guy at the bar is an old guy at the bar… pick on someone that can fight… Nobody likes a bully.”

Explanation for erratic behaviour?

Bisping did raise another interesting point that, while he doesn’t believe it excuses the actions, he thinks it could be something that’s messing with McGregor’s head.

“Conor’s going through a tough time as well, I’m not here just to s**t all over him… let’s remember though that he did just break his leg so the guys going through a lot of stuff and I’m assuming that he’s probably on a lot of pain medication and I’ve been there myself, it does make you erratic.”

“I’m in no way, shape or form making excuses for him because, like I said, no matter what kind of substance it is, you’re ultimately responsible.”

So, while it could be one explanation for erratic behaviour, the outcome still isn’t alright according to Bisping with him also pointing out, “what if he punches Francisco Facchinetti and he goes down and he cracks his f**kin’ head and dies.

“It seems like a long time ago he was the double champ of the world. I was a fan of that guy. I’m not a fan of this guy. I don’t think anyone’s a fan of this guy.”

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