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“It’s an exhibition match, you prick” – Bisping still annoyed at Belfort for ruthless Holyfield bout

Bisping Belfort

Bisping’s frustration at Belfort

Michael Bisping recently took to Youtube and maintained that he still isn’t happy at the way Vitor Belfort defeated Evander Holyfield.

Bisping was discussing when a fighter should retire and was brought back to a certain exhibition match involving Belfort. Bisping has admitted before that he doesn’t like Belfort and has called him out for steroid use in the past but took particular issue to him going over the top against a 58-year-old Holyfield.

“That was kind of a shame to see. One would have thought Evander Holyfield was ok for money. I don’t know if he is or isn’t. I don’t know if he did it just to test himself but it was sad to see him in the ring.

“Sad to see him getting beaten up by Vitor Belfort and even fucking sadder to see Vitor Belfort teeing off on a guy at such an age. It’s like, come on man, read the fucking room, it’s an exhibition match you prick.”

Previous thoughts on the matter

Bisping had already made a video on the event after it happened and made sure to make a comment on Belfort’s appearance.

“For some reason, somehow, he hit puberty again for like the fourth time in his life. His muscles were growing back, he had spots on his back as well and he looked fast, it was all back.”

Bisping’s message after that wasn’t quite as subtle.

“I guarantee he was on steroids, he was on everything under the sun.

“Now fair play, I guarantee that Evander Holyfield was as well. You don’t look like Evander Holyfield at 58 years like that unless you get a good doctor and you’ve got an ass like a dartboard.

“It’s as simple as that, so they were both on it so, whatever.”

The fight

Bisping then went into what his real problem was after that and explained his issue with how Belfort handled the situation.

“When it comes down to the fight. If you’re Vitor Belfort and you’re going up against an old age pensioner, pretty much and a legend of the fight game and it’s an exhibition bout.

“If it’s an exhibition bout, come on, take it easy on the guy a little bit because it’s clearly obvious, when he fell through the ropes, we don’t see that from boxers in their prime.

“Then he drops him and puts him down and he’s back on the feet it’s like, okay, there’s the time now Vitor to step off the gas a little bit and have a little play.

Bisping felt that Belfort might have gotten carried away and couldn’t understand him celebrating after the fight.

“He’s 58 years old and he’s got too many miles on the clock, he’s a broken-down old vehicle, he’s clocking out right before your very eyes, take it easy.

“You were fighting like this was personal. Evander Holyfield hasn’t done anything to you.

“Then you celebrated like you just knocked out Mike Tyson in his prime.”

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