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Michael Bisping claims Justin Gaethje is ‘out of his mind’ for Dustin Poirier comments

Bisping Gaethje

Michael Bisping slams Justin Gaethje’s comment

Michael Bisping revealed, on his Youtube channel, that he thought Justin Gaethje’s latest comments on Dustin Poirier’s prospective retirement seemed ridiculous.

With Poirier being predicted by most to become the next UFC lightweight champion, Gaethje recently stated that he couldn’t picture him hanging around for long if it meant the two would have to face-off again.

“If Dustin doesn’t land a shot in the first round, he knows he’s going to have to go through that kind of war again,” said Gathje. “If he beats Charles Oliveira, I don’t know if he wants to fight me. I think that he just walks away and calls it a day.”

Bisping was surprised by the statement especially considering the two aren’t officially set to fight.

“That’s a big statement from Justin Gaethje and Justin’s normally a pretty respectful kind of guy and of course Justin and Dustin, they’ve gone to war before and Dustin Poirier was the victor but he’s saying he thinks he would rather retire than fight Justin Gathje again. I disagree with that.

“I think Dustin will be the champ and I think he’ll take on whoever it is. Now who is it going to be? It’s probably going to be Justin Gaethje because Dana White said he’s number two. He beat Michael Chandler, he gets to fight for the belt next. ”

Even if this is the case Bisping still disagreed with the statement

“Justin Gaethje is out of his mind if he says that Dustin Poirier is going to go and ride off into the sunset.”

Personal Expereince

Bisping knew from his own time as being a champ that winning the belt needn’t be the end of the road but given his own circumstances, could have quit if he didn’t win it.

“It’s like when I fought UFC 199 against Luke Rockhold for the belt. It’s well documented, I only had one working eye going into that fight.

“My wife said to me because she wanted me to retire for years, she said, ‘listen, Michael, if you win the fight are you going to retire?’

“I said, ‘if I lose the fight, then I will retire and I will call it a day and I will thank everybody and I will thank you.

Fortunately for Bisping, he did win the belt and claims it was only the beginning.

“If I win, you’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’m going to retire because that’s when the good times start.

“That’s when the pay-per-view cheques start coming in, that’s when you start to make some really good fucking money.

“I’m not saying you can’t make good money without being the champion. I made a really good living throughout my entire career. I was always on a very healthy contract.”

Ulterior motives?

Bisping believes Gaethje knows this all too well and thinks he’s just trying to provoke the possible future champion.

“You don’t retire when you win the belt and for Justin Gathje to say that he thinks Dustin Poirier would retire rather than fight him… I think I know what Justin’s doing here.

“Justin’s trying to piss off Dustin Poirier, he’s trying to solidify that title fight as opposed to Islam Makhachev.”

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