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Artem Lobov suspects foul play in court cases with former manager

Artem Lobov manager court cases

Artem Lobov believes that his court cases may not have been by the book when dealing with his former partner and manager.

Artem Lobov had been caught up in a tricky situation with his former manager and business partner when he went through a series of court cases with him.

Lobov spoke to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour and explained the situation. After explaining how he ended up going into business with his then manager, Lobov claimed he became disenchanted by the partnership after losing trust in the partner after a series of events.

Lobov then decided to go his own way but felt as though he had been more than fair with what he left to his former manager and partner. Lobov felt as though he gave a lot while receiving very little in return. After all of this, however, Lobov was taken to court.

“For me, I say that’s no problem, I hire a lawyer, we go for the first court date, the first court date happens, him and his lawyer, they have nothing.

“The judge is like, ‘What the hell is this?’ They ask for the court to be moved to another date, we go to the second date, the same situation repeats itself again.

“They don’t really have many facts, they don’t have anything, they ask one more time the judge to move the court case again.”

Things begin to change

Despite a positive start for Lobov, the situation began to look a bit strange in his eyes.

“We move it again and then, suddenly, Covid hits. Covid hits and then every court case is cancelled.

“Everything is cancelled except mine and I was really surprised by that so I called my lawyer and said, ‘What’s going on there?’ He says, ‘Ah, they’re probably sick of this guy and just want to throw him out already.'”

Lobov’s lawyer didn’t seem to be right in his assumption as Lobov claims that the trial that followed took an unexpected turn.

“Court happens, very short fucking meeting and they rule it in his favor.

“He didn’t provide any new evidence, didn’t bring anything, literally zero. Brought nothing new and suddenly I lost and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?'”

Lobov then began to suspect that something shady may have happened and while he was reluctant to say it, Lobov claimed that even his lawyer suggested a bribe may have been taken.

“Look, I don’t want to say anything here on camera but as my lawyer suggested, he said, ‘Look, there’s something shady going on. Maybe a bribe or something because this is not right.'”

The Appeal

After finding the decision suspicious, Lobov decided to appeal it with an important piece of evidence.

“In my mind, I’m like, ‘Fuck it, you want to play that game? No problem.’ Have you seen my fights motherfucker? I don’t tap out.

“We appeal the case, the appeal gets set and now I want to be even more prepared, so, before the appeal, I requested this letter from David Feldman (president of BKFC).

“This is an official letter from David Feldman, stating that I negotiated my contract myself with him, that I’ve done everything myself without any assistance and everything is done by me. Official letter.”

This, however, didn’t have the effect that Lobov was hoping for.

“I bring this into the appeal but the appeal judge doesn’t even want to hear it. Within five minutes, literally, my hearing was five minutes, she doesn’t accept this. She says this is not evidence then she throws it out so I lose the appeal as well and I’m saying, ‘What do you mean it’s not evidence?’

“The whole court case is over my BKFC contract. I have the fucking letter from the president. Official letter stating that I’ve done all the negotiating myself. How is that not evidence and what the fuck is evidence? I lose the case.”

Taking it to the top

Still not satisfied with the decision, Lobov had to take his appeal to the next level.

“Now, again, ‘The Russian Hammer’ don’t tap out so I then appeal at Cassation Court.

“Cassation court is basically a court where they don’t make a decision in your actual case but they just make a decision that your case was not viewed appropriately by the court.”

Finally, Lobov began to see his suspicions realised as he claims the Cassation Court found numerous errors in the way the case had been handled.

“I appealed there, they review my case and they straight away find a million mistakes with it and they send it back to the appeal court, saying, ‘No motherfuckers. You made a mistake there, you didn’t give this guy a fair trial. You didn’t do your job.’

“Now my appeal gets set again for another day and already in this appeal, no iffy shit can happen because the cassation court is so high up and they are watching them, so they have to do everything by the book.”

While Lobov knew this case would now be handled properly, he claims that there was one more dirty trick pulled in the case.

“So, of course, my appeal happens and this is the letter I want to show you that he brought… It’s a fake email from David Feldman… and it reads that he did the negotiations.

“It’s so badly done that in this email, his name is written with Russian letters… When the judge saw that she started laughing… She kicked him out of court and The Russian Hammer won.”

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