Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo have ‘tells’ that seem obvious to Chael Sonnen

Jose Aldo Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen breaks down Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo’s ‘tells’.

Chael Sonnen is of the opinion that you can tell when Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo are about to go all out and show their talent.

While a ‘tell’ is more often used to describe an opening, the tell that Sonnen is referring to is used in a broader sense but one that does let you know something about the fighter in question.

“There’s tells that fighters have and you’ve heard about this in poker, you hear about it with liars. You hear about tells, a tone, a body language, a movement where you know you’ve got something here.”

“Fighters have tells as well but those tells aren’t just signs of what they’re going to do next. Fighters will have tells and body movements for when they personally have become comfortable.”

In the only part of Anderson Silva’s game that could be considered obvious, his state of confidence can be apparent once he starts to roll his shoulders and look directly at his opponent to signify both focus and comfortability.

“Nobody’s tell was more obvious than Anderson Silva’s. Do you guys remember that? I mean, Joe Rogan would be calling the fight and then Anderson had the same body language where he would do the same movement.

“Joe Rogan would say, ‘Oh my, he’s just come on, don’t blink, this fights going to be over, The Spider’s about to go on the attack.’ Do you remember that?”

Aldo’s tell.

Jose Aldo also has a similar tell but one that wasn’t quite as obvious according to Sonnen. He said that it signals the start of Aldo’s creative barrage.

“Jose’s tell is when he leaves the ground. Jose Aldo must leave the ground. He must hit a flying knee where he jumps into the air.

“That registers something within his own brain and Jose Aldo, as by-the-book as he is, what makes him so dangerous is that creativity.

“When he starts getting creative, when he starts being playful, when Mr Serious isn’t the only thing that’s in the octagon but now Mr Playful is also there that’s when, as an opponent, you have problems.”

While it mightn’t have been that obvious against Font, Sonnen claims it was there if you look hard enough.

“You even saw it in this fight if you looked for it. If you looked close enough you saw it.

“When Jose Aldo left the ground, when he hit that flying knee, that’s when he started to relax.”

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