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“What the F is Anderson Silva talking about” – Dana White outraged by latest accusations

Anderson silva Dana White

Dana White could have a point here.

Anderson Silva recently decided to call Dana White out for the way he acted when he was nearing retirement but White seems shocked by the accusations

“What the f*ck is Anderson Silva talking about,” said White in a recent press conference.

“When have any of you ever heard me talk negatively, except for the fight in Abu Dhabi, about Anderson Silva? Never.”

White has a point and never was one to talk negatively about Silva. From the outside, it looks like he treated him with preferential treatment if anything.

Even when ‘The Spider’ was reaching the end of his career, White seemed to give him fights that he might not have deserved taking his form at the time into account.

“I never talk bad about Anderson Silva. Not only that but we let the guy fight through his contract and he lost seven of his eight or eight of his last nine fights and we always treated him with respect.”

Lack of contact

Further comments of White trying to sabotage Silva after leaving the company came as a further blow to White who thought it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“I don’t know where the hell this was coming from… from him. Then I started trying to make it so he couldn’t make money after.

“I said Jake Paul’s looking to fight somebody, fight Anderson Silva. He’s out there, he’s available and he’s 47 years old… It’s baffling to me.”

The two haven’t exactly been in close contact since but White still holds Silva in high regard and claims he’s more than welcome to stop by and watch a fight. A ‘clear the air’ conversation might be a good starting point for now though.

“It’s been a long time (since they’ve seen each other),” said White.

“His son hits me up, he wants to come to fights, absolutely. This is his house if he ever wants to.

“That came out of left field and makes absolutely no sense to me, unless you guys have heard me say something that I don’t remember saying.

“The only time I ever said anything negative about Anderson Silva was in Abu Dhabi after that fight.”

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