Aljamain Sterling can’t wait to compete with “a legend” like Jose Aldo

Aljamain Sterling Jose Aldo

Bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling breaks down what he thinks is Jose Aldo’s ‘main’ strength.

With a strong possibility that these two fighters could end up competing in the not too distant future, Aljamain Sterling’s perspective on Jose Aldo might give an interesting insight into that fight.

When it comes to Jose Aldo’s grappling, it may not be the focus of his game to many but Aljamain Sterling thinks that there’s one thing he does that’s particularly clever.

“I think that the main thing that he does well is when you push him against the cage, he has a tendency to put the side of his foot inside the crease line of the octagon which keeps him, pretty much, buried in there.”

With his foot placement giving him a solid position, it becomes easier to see how he handled Chad Mendes from that position

“It’s super hard to pull a guy off the cage when his feet are locked into the cage, in between, it’s almost like a wedge. You’re stuck in there.

“You’re fighting against gravity, you’re fighting against their strength and everything to try to pull them off the cage. That’s a lot of work, a lot of energy expenditure.”

A bout between the two

Aljamain Sterling versus Jose Aldo could be a fight that fans would like to see but Sterling believes that he needs to redeem himself against Petr Yan first, after a performance that he blamed on his eating habits.

“My last fight, people can say whatever they want. Look at any of my past performances.

“I’ve never looked that tired before and for me to not eat what I’ve eaten on the day of the fight and fatigue that fast in a fight, I’m super confident that when I’m on, I can take anybody in the world down.”

While Sterling praised his own grappling he wanted to remember that it was Aldo’s night but that the two could hopefully clash someday.

“Guys see me train, guys see me spar and I’ve rolled with [Michael] Chiesa, I’ve rolled with bigger guys, smaller guys and I truly do believe that my grappling’s second to none and I can’t wait to just prove it.

“This is Jose Aldo’s night and I just want to talk about him and his performance, he looked great and I just can’t wait to get the opportunity to compete with a legend like that.”

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