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Abdelaziz claims Nate and Conor trilogy is preventing Diaz vs Luque bout

Nate Diaz Abdelaziz

With one fight left on his contract, Nate Diaz seems to be up for fighting Vincent Luque but Ali Abdelaziz claims the UFC is holding up the fight.

With one fight left on Nate Diaz’s contract, Abdelaziz believes the UFC will be looking to reserve it for a big money trilogy fight with McGregor. Despite this Diaz still seems to be discussing the potential Luque bout.

Diaz took to Twitter to share his interest in the fight saying: “I ain’t got a contract — must be something wrong with Luque.”

Luque also emphasised that he wasn’t the one trying to hold up the fight saying “ You know I’m in from day one! I’ve never backed up from a fight and I’m not gonna start now!! We can do it when and where you want I’m ready.”

He also said, “I’ll raise my offer we can go as many rounds as you want and let’s make it an all stand up war no take downs allowed.”

Abdelaziz gives his take

Conor McGregor Diaz Abdelaziz

Abdelaziz explained why he believes the fight is being held up, saying “The UFC, it’s a business, they want to make money and I think Nate and Conor will make them so much money.”

“I think the only way the UFC agree to make this fight happen is if Nate resigns with the UFC. I don’t know if it’s good for Nate to resign with the UFC.”

While the bout would be interesting, Abdelaziz made sure to point out that it wasn’t the only option.

“Vincente is next for title contention. Nate Diaz is a big name… Vincente will fight anybody. He needs to be smart right now. He’s number 4. He needs to fight guys who are going to help him grow. He’s one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC”

“I understand the UFC business, they know we want to fight, Nate wants to fight but at the end of the day, they hold the contract.”

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