UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski responds to Conor McGregor’s taunts

Alex Volkanovski Conor McGregor

‘Sounds like he’s on the piss. Good on him, I will be too.’

UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski has dismissed Conor McGregor’s Twitter taunts after the Irishman claimed he would “kick his head off like it was a rugby ball”.

Volkanovski retained the featherweight title with a unanimous decision victory against Brian Ortega on Saturday night, in a thrilling encounter in Las Vegas.

Former featherweight champion McGregor insulted the Australian fighter in a now-deleted tweet during the fight, although later paid him a backhanded complimented for what was an entertaining fight.

“I’d kick this Volkanovski’s head off like it was a rugby ball I was kicking. 5’4! And full of muscle! Hahahahaha little fart he is. Not even a little fart. A shart hahahaha jackass,” McGregor said in the now-deleted tweet.

The Australian was unfazed by McGregor’s comments, and suggested at the post-fight press conference that the Dubliner was enjoying himself while watching the fight.

Alex Volkanovski responds to Conor McGregor.

“I heard about it. Sounds like he’s on the piss. Good on him, I will be too. Something about sharting, farting, it didn’t really make sense,” Volkanovski said.

“It’s Conor doing Conor things, good on him. I’m not sure if he wants to come back down to 145 – well, obviously that’ll never happen.”

Volkanovski was speaking separately to ESPN after his victory against Ortega and said he was open to fighting McGregor at either featherweight or lightweight.

“Come back down to featherweight. I’d love it. He reckons he’s a man of the featherweight division and again, I’ve got the strategy, I’m obviously tough and I’m a whole different beast to what he’s used to in this division,” Volkanosvki commented.

“If he wants to come back down – welcome. I would love it… Let’s go for 155. 155, we make it happen.”

Alexander Volkanovski’s impressive 20 fight win streak.

Volkanovski won his 20th consecutive professional fight by beating Ortega, in what was his second defence of the lightweight title.

Ortega is just the latest big-name fighter than Volkanovski has dispatched over the last three years, having already beaten Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo and Max Holloway on two occasions.

The Australian has fought as a featherweight for the last four years, but he should comfortably move up to lightweight if he wants to, having weighed 214 pounds when he played semi-professional rugby league.

McGregor just has two fights left on his current UFC contract, and he has stated his intention to fight Dustin Poirier for a fourth time, although that does leave a fight against Volkanovski as a possibility.

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