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Kamaru Usman responds to Conor McGregor’s claim that he will ‘spark’ him

Kamaru Usman Conor McGregor

Kamaru Usman has strongly refuted Conor McGregor’s claim that he would knock him out in a welterweight title fight between the two.

McGregor has sent a number of barbs Usman’s way in recent times, having accused the Nigerian fighter of copying both his fighting style and his trash talk since he became the UFC welterweight champion.

The Irishman, who is currently on an injury-enforced absence after breaking his leg during his last fight with Dustin Poirier, claimed he will one day become the UFC welterweight champion by knocking out Usman.

‘Three title fights. Three KOs. Three new records.’

“Tremendous! I love this record!” McGregor tweeted in response to being asked what it’s like to knock people out in three different weight classes.

“I fight for the 170lb title I will spark him too. That would be fastest KO in UFC title fight (13 seconds), most knockdowns in a UFC title fight (five) and then another KO in a UFC title fight.

“Three title fights. Three KOs. Three new records. It’s right there!”

Kamaru Usman’s response to Conor McGregor.

Usman, who is currently on an 18-fight winning streak, didn’t take too kindly to McGregor’s suggestion that he would knock him out if the two ever fight.

“Spark who? You must be talking about that pipe you’ve been smoking. Unlike you, if I’m gonna talk shit I’ll at you [on Twitter].

“Now be quiet before I call Poirier or Khabib [Nurmagomedov] or [Nate] Diaz to finish you again,” Usman tweeted in response.

While Usman and McGregor have traded insults with one another on a number of occasions before, the welterweight champion has insisted that he is not interested in fighting the Dubliner.

Both fighters have fought at welterweight before, but Usman has been fighting at 170 pounds for his entire career, and has to cut weight in order to do so.

McGregor on the other hand has fought mostly as a featherweight and a lightweight, and is both shorter and naturally lighter than the Nigerian fighter.

“He’s fought once in the last year and a half and that didn’t end very well for him. And that was against a 155lber. He got put out by a 155lber, which big props to Dustin, I think Dustin is a savage,” Usman told TMZ in April.

“But he got finished by a lightweight. I mean, imagine what I would do to him. I might take his life in there.”

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