Francis Ngannou hits ‘way harder’ than Deontay Wilder, UFC champion’s manager warns

Francis Ngannou

The manager of Francis Ngannou has warned Tyson Fury that the UFC heavyweight champion hits “way harder” than Deontay Wilder.

Fury was sent to the canvas on four occasions by Wilder over the course of their three fights, but got up each time to record two wins and a draw against the notoriously powerful puncher.

Ngannou is another famously powerful puncher, and while he is currently competing in the UFC, for perhaps the last time against Ciryl Gane tonight, he has expressed his interest in switching to boxing and fighting Fury.

Marquel Martin, Ngannou’s manager, was speaking to Sky Sports and warned Fury that the UFC heavyweight hits harder than Wilder, and that with six to 12 months of boxing experience behind him, he will be able to land those power punches.

Marquel Martin on Francis Ngannou’s punching power.

“Francis is dangerous for Fury because the best fighter to fight Fury to date is Deontay Wilder. Deontay isn’t known for ‘sweet science’ – he’s known for his devastating power,” Martin said.

“With that power, he was able to successfully land some [very hard to do] power shots that put Tyson on the canvas a few times. I acknowledge it’s very difficult to hit Tyson.

“However, if Francis was to put together six to 12 months on strictly boxing, I’m confident Francis can learn the mechanics and timing he’d need to land some power shots.

“Now, I have all the respect in the world for Tyson, but Francis hits way harder than Deontay.

“That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. Francis’ power has been measured and proven and the experts concluded – he has the hardest punch in the world.”

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