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Dana White praises “smart” Dustin Poirier for opting against title fight


“That’s smart. That’s what he should do.”

Dana White believes Dustin Poirier made the right decision in choosing to fight Conor McGregor in a trilogy bout rather than going for a title fight.

Poirier has opted to fight McGregor again in his next fight, instead of competing for the lightweight belt, which will now go to either Charles Oliviera or Michael Chandler when they fight in May.

While deciding against competing for the UFC Lightweight title may appear strange to some, White believes Poirier made the correct decision in continuing his rivalry with McGregor.

Dana White: Dustin Poirier is smart for pursuing McGregor trilogy fight.

“Dustin wants the rematch [with Conor McGregor]. That’s smart. That’s what he should do. He should take the rematch, take that fight. It’s a big fight for him,” White said at the UFC 260 press conference.

“Kid’s worked hard his whole life, his whole career to be in a position like this. That’s the fight you take. We’ve been in positions like this before with others who have made the mistake of not taking that fight, and [it was the] biggest mistake of their lives.”

That trilogy fight between Poirer and McGregor is set to take place this year, with White suggesting it could be staged in July.


‘Justin Gaethje couldn’t be in a better position.’

The booking of the fight between Oliviera and Chandler came as a surprise to some, as the latter has only fought in the UFC once since joining from rival promotion Bellator.

Justin Gaethje, who last fought Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight belt in October, was overlooked for another shot at the belt but White has insisted that the Arizona native is still very much in the picture.

“He fits very well in all this. After this plays out, he’s probably next in line. I mean it depends on what happens with Dustin and Conor,” White explained.

“You know how that is, timing is everything when these fights happen. How much damage did the guy who won take? What kind of personal sh*t does he have going on?

“All that stuff factors into when the next fight would be. Justin Gaethje couldn’t be in a better position.”

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