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Conor McGregor reveals emails from “stalker fan”


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“I feel like we have been sharing this love online.”

Conor McGregor has acquired quite a few fans during his rise to fame as an MMA fighter, but there are some who may love the UFC star a little too much.

Back in 2015 when the Dubliner was preparing for an upcoming bout with Jose Aldo, which was postponed after the Brazilian fighter pulled out due to injury, McGregor was receiving a number of concerning emails.

Seen in the 2017 documentary Notorious, McGregor reads out one of many emails he recieved from an obsessed fan, who intended on having children with the UFC fighter.

“The email is ‘For Conor’s eyes only please’ and this is about the 150th,” McGregor read.

“Hi Conor, after my last relationship broke down I had a very powerful feeling in my body that I was soon to meet the love of my life. At around the same time, I had the vision of being in Vegas.

“I do need one thing from you at this stage, please be honest about what is going on here.

“I feel like we have been sharing this love online and elsewhere. I see us having a number of children; Ella, Shannon, Conor, Hugh, Michael, James, Seamus are some names I have in mind.”

The future double-weight UFC champion was understandably a little bit concerned, and a bit bemused, by the incessant emails he was receiving.


“Now, I have not written back to this crazy b**** once, but she keeps on sending emails, emails, emails – like big detailed ones like that, naming the kids and things, its f****** up, isn’t it?

“What do you do with that? That b**** will show up at the gaff one day with a bleeding gun or something,” McGregor said.

The anonymous emailer didn’t get her way in the end, as McGregor announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Dee Devlin last year.

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