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Conor McGregor labelled ‘pathetic’ for mocking Kamaru Usman knock out

Conor McGregor

UFC welterweight contender Belal Muhammad has called Conor McGregor “pathetic” for mocking Kamaru Usman for getting knocked out.

Usman’s reign as the UFC’s welterweight champion came to an end on Saturday night as Leon Edwards scored a knock out victory with just a minute remaining in the pair’s title fight.

McGregor took to Twitter in the aftermath of the fight and posted a picture of Usman unconscious after taking the decisive kick to the head, with the Dubliner remarking that a “twat got twatted”.

Muhammad was speaking on The Fighter vs The Writer podcast and argued that McGregor insulted Usman as he craves attention.

Belal Muhammad on Conor McGregor.

“We live in a troll world, we live in a Twitter world where these people think they can say whatever they want because they’re not in front of you and they know nothing will happen to them,” Muhammad said.

“It just gives other trolls, losers, kids nowadays will create fake accounts where they will say the stupidest things to somebody and there’s a million memes out there, but it’s like karma always comes back to you.

“It’s going to come back to all these people, especially a guy like Conor McGregor, who literally hasn’t won a fight in five years.

“All you do is tweet when a big fight card is coming up because you can have all the money in the world but you don’t have the attention and that’s what you crave the most.

“You don’t have anybody screaming your name anymore and that’s what you want the most. It’s kind of pathetic where these guys are now.”

A trilogy fight beckons.

Usman has already expressed his desire to fight Edwards for a third time, having beaten the Jamaican-British fighter by unanimous decision back in 2015 before suffering a knock out loss to the same opponent at the weekend.

UFC president Dana White is fully on board, as he revealed he is already looking for venues in England to stage the trilogy fight, where Edwards would be granted home advantage.

The surprise defeat to Edwards was just Usman’s second loss of his professional career, as the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ had won 19 consecutive fights before Saturday night, six of which were welterweight title fights.

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