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Snoop Dogg Plans To Walk Jon Jones Out For His Next Fight

In a strange turn of events Snoop Dogg has now become our favourite MMA analyst. The legendary rapper has recently dipped his feet into hyping up fights for the UFC’s YouTube channel and it has been nothing short of brilliant. 

Taking into consideration that the new owners of the UFC, WME-IMG, are a Hollywood talent agency, it should come as no surprise that they are utilising one of their most popular clients to attract eyeballs to their new product.

Prior to UFC 210, Snoop recorded a commentary of current light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier’s previous fights. In a truly hilarious bit, the D-O-Double-G sounds quite impressed by DC’s fighting abilities, as you can see from the video below.

However, it seems his enthusiasm towards the AKA fighter has been short-lived. In another video (via TMZ) we see Snoop watching Cormier’s post-fight speech after defeating Anthony Johnson at UFC 210 and the rapper is less than impressed.

Snoop says Cormier is talking “plenty of sh*t” and that “skinny Bones Jones is gonna kick your motherf*ckin ass”.

He even goes as far to say he will be accompanying former champ Jones to the cage upon his return.

Furthermore, in another video with TMZ, Snoop is questioned as to why he thinks Jones can beat Cormier, and his response is emphatic:

“Skinny ‘Bones’ Jones is the baddest motherf*cker to ever walk in the Octagon. That’s my homeboy and they gonna let him back in.”

Jones and Snoop are quite the chums as you can see from this video below which shows the two enjoying themselves while doing some shadow sparring.

Cormier has since responded to Snoop’s comments and admitted it “sucks so bad” that the rapper hates him.

Check out what else he had to say below:

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