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Justin Gaethje issues furious threat after John Kavanagh pushes for Conor McGregor title shot


Justin Gaethje has threatened to walk away from his UFC contract if Conor McGregor fights for the lightweight title next.

Conor McGregor was stopped by strikes for the first time in his career on Saturday night and nobody enjoyed the outcome more than Justin Gaethje, who is not a fan of the Irish fighter.

Dustin Poirier exacted revenge against ‘The Notorious’ six and a half years after their first meeting and it’s likely that Poirier will be one half of the next UFC lightweight title fight although it remains to be seen who will be standing on the other side of the Octagon.

Gaethje, who sits just behind Poirier in the updated UFC lightweight rankings, has slammed the suggestion from McGregor’s head coach John Kavanagh that the best fight to make would be McGregor vs. Poirier III for the 155lbs title, which will presumably be left vacant amid Khabib Nurmagomedov’s insistence to remain retired.

“For them to come out and say he wants a title shot next, rematch with Poirier, they’re fucking idiots,” Gaethje told ESPN. “He’s been treated special over and over and he didn’t capitalise on this opportunity.

“That event was for him, it was for him to win. He wants to be Mr. Humble now, but you know he would have been an asshole had he won that fight.

“I don’t feel bad for him. I’m happy for Poirier, I’m happy Poirier went out there and did his job, and finished him. I love seeing a loudmouth get knocked out, there is nothing that makes me happier.

“Seeing a piece of shit get put down, that was great, I loved it.”

McGregor dropped out of the top five in the lightweight rankings but his superstar status and pay-per-view drawing power may give him an advantage when the time comes to make cases for the next title shot.

Conor McGregor

Gaethje who, like McGregor, was submitted by Nurmagomedov and TKOed by Poirier, refuses to believe that the UFC would offer the Irishman a title fight because he only has one official win at 155lbs to his name.

Gaethje continued: “He’s not fighting for a title. I will think about never fighting in the UFC again if he fights for a title. That would be preposterous.

“He’s sitting at No. 6, he’s won one fight in his entire life in the lightweight division. He picks and chooses who he fights. I would love to fight him but I don’t think it should be next. But he ain’t gonna fight me.”

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