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John Kavanagh forced to take action after fighter’s exhaust is stolen outside gym

John Kavanagh must be thinking what we’re all thinking…

Who in their right mind would attempt to steal from a professional mixed martial arts fighter?

For the second time in as many months, John Kavanagh has taken to social media to issue a warning and seek out the identities of thieves who have targeted his gym.

Publishing images from his gym’s CCTV, Kavanagh revealed that one of his most promising fighters – Blaine O’Driscoll – had his exhaust stolen while training last week.

john kavanagh

“Hello dirtbags,” Kavanagh tweeted. “You stole Bellator fighter @BlaineSbg exhaust this morning. Return before tonight and I don’t send HD version to cops.”

At the time of writing, there has been no update on whether or not the exhaust was returned to its rightful owner.

Kavanagh seemed to be taking the deadline seriously, however, as moments after midnight on Friday he tweeted: “3 mins too late. Now it’s biblical.”

John Kavanagh

It was only a month ago that Kavanagh issued an ultimatum to a group of young boys who had taken off with bicycles from outside Straight Blast Gym in Inchicore.

On that occasion, Kavanagh generously offered to provide the offending youngsters with mixed martial arts training as an outlet for their energy and the bicycles were returned.

Kavanagh has rejected suggestions that he has a reoccurring problem with his new gym’s location and insists that apart from the two incidents of theft highlighted over the past month, there have been no other problems.

But for anyone thinking of stealing from the SBG premises, rest assured that Kavanagh will not hesitate to go public with CCTV footage.

And that’s likely the lesser punishment than having one of the professionally trained mixed martial artists catch you in the act…

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