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John Kavanagh clarifies controversy about Conor McGregor ‘training orthodox’ interview

John Kavanagh has assured fans of Conor McGregor that he was simply joking when he told Ariel Helwani to remove a segment of his pre-fight interview last week.

As is tradition at this stage, John Kavanagh joined Ariel Helwani to give his prediction for Conor McGregor’s rematch with Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 and while the SBG head coach’s expectations didn’t come to fruition, he has cleared up a matter that gathered plenty of traction online before the bout.

Discussing McGregor’s preparations for the Poirier rematch prior to fight night, Kavanagh seemed to reveal that ‘The Notorious’ had trained for the bout predominantly in the orthodox stance before asking Helwani to cut that portion of the interview out.

“Would training mostly in orthodox for the whole camp have paid off?” Kavanagh pondered. “Take that away. Can you cut that out?”

Kavanagh was inundated with social media messages from fans when the comment was not removed from the final interview.

McGregor, of course, came out in his natural southpaw stance on Saturday night and while he was stopped in the second round after being brutalised with calf kicks by Poirier, Kavanagh insists he made the orthodox claim in jest.

Conor McGregor

When Kavanagh joined Helwani on Monday to discuss how the fight played out, the Dubliner assured fans that he wasn’t serious about his pre-fight claim.

“No you did not wrong me,” Kavanagh assured Helwani.

john kavanagh

“That was a wee tongue-in-cheek joke and, afterwards, of course Ariel messaged me and said he would remove it straight away but I said to leave it in.

“It was just a little bit of fun with the fans. I didn’t think Dustin’s team would take it seriously.

“I got so many messages from fans who had my back saying ‘Coach, you’ve got to get on to Ariel. He’s after doing you wrong and leaving that in.’

“Apologies about that. It was just a little bit of fun.”

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