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Joe Rogan weighs in on what UFC should do with Conor McGregor next

Conor McGregor

Joe Rogan has had his say on what the UFC should do with Conor McGregor next.

Conor McGregor is still recovering from his TKO defeat to Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257 last week and everyone has an opinion on the next career move of ‘The Notorious’.

While rumours of a return to the boxing ring continue to swirl, McGregor’s head coach John Kavanagh remains optimistic that the next fight takes place in the realm of mixed martial arts.

Conor McGregor

Joe Rogan discussed the options available to McGregor on a recent episode of his podcast and while he acknowledged that the most logical fight atop the UFC’s lightweight division would be Poirier vs. Charles Oliveira, the long-time commentator admitted that a rubber match between Poirier and McGregor would be the most lucrative for the promotion.

“If you want to make a shitload of money before Conor fights someone else, you have the rematch,” Rogan said.

“Here’s the thing. If Dustin fights Charles Oliveira and then Conor fights Michael Chandler – which is a possibility – what are the odds that Conor beats Chandler? I think Chandler is a favourite in that fight, which is very dangerous for your money.

“If you want to make a lot of money, what you do is allow Conor to have some time off and then figure out a way to market this so you can explain a way that Conor can figure out how to beat Dustin.

“He did beat him in the first fight and he did rock him in the second fight. Dustin actually admitted that there was one point in the first round where he was hurt. But that might have been Dustin looking to set up the rematch.”

McGregor cited inactivity as the main reason for his defeat in Abu Dhabi – although that claim has been disputed by some – and the Irishman remains hopeful of a more active year than he had in 2020.

Conor McGregor

A limited number of fans were allowed to attend UFC 257 as Dana White attempted to avoid losing the mammoth gate revenue that accompanies McGregor bouts.

“Let me throw one more variable,” Rogan continued.

“What if the Covid restrictions are lifted, (do the rematch) in Dublin, Ireland in a soccer stadium.”

We discussed what we think should happen in the UFC’s 155lbs division and suggested that McGregor’s next fight should be the completion of the trilogy with Nate Diaz, which would free Poirier up to fight for the lightweight title.

Conor McGregor

Diaz is in talks to return to the Octagon and while his previous two fights with McGregor took place at welterweight, a third clash at lightweight could well decide the next contender in the 155lbs division.

“Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz III is a great option,” Rogan said.

“It doesn’t offend anyone like myself, who is a purist. And Nate is not the kind of kicker that Dustin is. He’s much more of a boxer, which falls into Conor’s wheelhouse more.

“Nate is also insanely durable and he has a finish over Conor. Conor doesn’t have a finish over Nate Diaz.”

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