UFC appears to have a new Irish fighter as Ian Garry joins rankings pool

Ian Garry UFC

Dana White appears to have another Irish talent on his hands.

While no official announcement has been made yet, undefeated Irish prospect Ian Garry has been added to the official UFC rankings pool in the 170lbs division.

Garry’s hype train has been gathering momentum for a couple of years and while he was likely on the UFC’s radar for some time, he made the greatest statement of all when he became Cage Warriors welterweight champion last month.

Fresh from getting gold wrapped around his waist with his victory over Jack Grant, Garry made no secret of his plans to take the next step in his career and test his skills against the world’s top talent in the UFC.

“I’m here to prove I’m the best. I’m not here for money. I’m not here for fame. I’m here to be the best and I’m going to the fucking UFC,” Garry said in his post-fight interview.

Ian Garry appears to have signed for the UFC

“I am inevitable. I said it on February 16, 2019 that I am going to the be the best. There was going to be no argument. I’m sitting here 7-0, undefeated, a world champion and I’m fucking unbelievable.”

Because of his unshakeable self-belief and outspoken personality, Garry was always going to draw comparisons with fellow countryman Conor McGregor and he has no problem with that.

‘The Future’ believes he will reach the levels that McGregor did on his meteoric rise through the UFC and Garry already has his sights set on a former McGregor rival.

“I’m coming for his legacy,” Garry said of McGregor. “He’s the reason I’m in this sport. He’s the reason I started this and I’m coming right fucking behind him.

“I’m on his trajectory and it’s just because we’re both real. He was confident, he was cocky, he was arrogant, he had the ego but overall, he believed in himself and he knew, no matter what that he was going into that cage and he was winning. We’re the fucking same…

“UFC, Vegas, I’m coming… Everybody and anybody but I want to fight Nate Diaz within the first year.”

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