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Fighter Loses Control With Referee Marc Goddard After Refusing To Release Choke

Marc Goddard

Marc Goddard stated that it was “all in a day’s work” but there could be serious repercussions for Ahmad Al Darmaki after a shameful incident on Friday.

At the UAE Warriors 12 event, Marc Goddard took charge of a featherweight contest between Al Darmaki and Bogdan Kirilenko.

After taking Kirilenko’s back, Al Darmaki secured a rear naked choke and drew the tap from his opponent but refused to release the submission after Goddard called a halt to the bout.

Goddard, an experienced referee with a 14-fight professional record to his name, had to physically pull apart the choke, which sparked a furious reaction from Al Darmaki.

Rather than celebrate what appeared to be a submission victory, Al Darmaki shoved Goddard and aggressively grabbed him by his collar but the official did not lose his cool.

After calming matters in the cage, Goddard arrived at the decision to disqualify Al Darmaki for his actions but not before another exchange between the two where the offending fighter attempted to apologise.

“All in a days work!” Goddard said on Twitter after the bout.

Man, am I ready for home! I love the UAE, and it’s people. God bless.”

This is not the first instance of Goddard being accosted by by a fighter in the cage.

After Charlie Ward defeated John Redmond at Bellator 187, Goddard was confronted by Conor McGregor, who had jumped the fence to celebrate with his victorious teammate.

Not being a licensed cornerman, McGregor wasn’t authorised to be in the cage and with Redmond recovering from a TKO defeat, Goddard was attempting to restore order when McGregor shoved and lambasted him.

McGregor seems to have an ongoing issue with Goddard judging by his subsequent tweet to the English official in which he accused Goddard of attacking a fellow referee during a Cage Warriors event.

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